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Direction plays a very important role in our daily life especially when you go to some places where you are unfamiliar with. Many foreigners come to China for a business trips or just to have a travel to enjoy the beautiful scene in China.

However, when you suddenly find that you get lost or are separated with your friends during your journey, what will you do? Here are some basic words and phrases about directions when you need help of passers-by.
东    east
南    south

西    west
北    north
qián miɑn
前面      ahead, in front of
hòu miɑn
后面       back
zuǒ biɑn
左边       left side
yòu biɑn
右边       right side
pánɡ biān
旁边      besides
yì zhí zǒu
一直走    go straight
左拐      turn left
yòu ɡuǎi
右拐      turn right

路       road
lù kǒu
路口     crossing
qián miɑn de lù kǒu
前面的路口    the crossing ahead
号      number
室      room
dà shà
大厦    big building
ɡōnɡ sī zài zhōnɡ shān dōnɡ lù 500 hào
公司在中山东路 500 号 (the company is at NO.500 of east zhongshan road)
tínɡ chē
停车    to stop car
huǒ chē zhàn
火车站     train station
qì chē zhàn
汽车站      bus station
ɡōnɡ jiāo
公交       public bus

qǐnɡ wèn  chāo shì              zài  nǎ  lǐ?
请问超市(supermarket)  在哪里?
(May I ask where the supermarket is?)
yì zhí zǒu ,   dào         qián miɑn   de lù kǒu         zuǒɡuǎi 。
一直走,到(to arrive)  前面的路口(crossing)  左拐。
(go straight, turn left when you arrive the crossing ahead)
qǐnɡ wèn  zhè lǐ  yǒu wèi shēnɡ jiān  mɑ?

请问这里有卫生间(washing room)   吗?
(May I ask is here any washing room?)
zài  chū kǒu     fù jìn 。
在出口(exit)  附近(nearby)  。
(near the exit)

nǐ hǎo , wǒ yào qù chē zhàn 。
(I want to go to station)

qǐnɡ tínɡ zài dà shà mén kǒu
(Please stop at the entrance of the mansion)

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