HSK 4 Exam Tips and Advice on Listening Section
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When you are listening to HSK 4 exercises, are you always unable to capture key points or complaining about lack of appropriate skills? Don’t worry! I’m going to give you some tips and advice in working though the HSK 4 exercises. So let’s start from HSK 4 listening.

hsk 4 listening practice

Section 1- True or false questions based on given phrases.

In HSK 4-Listening part, there are four sections. The first section is a True or False questionnaire based on 10 recordings. All the recordings are consists of one phrase, but be careful that the length of the sentence varies. So it’s very important to catch the key word(s) that will alter the meaning of the sentence, for example, "可是/不过/但是", "并且/而且", "不但...而且", "否则", and "还是" etc. To handle with these items, you will be required to:

Be very familiar with the vocabulary of HSK 4, and be able to understand these phrases and relation with the sentence given in the question. And these conjunction words will help you clear the confusion and make the right judgment. You should firstly read the sentence given and get a general understanding of them in their mind. Then listen to the recordings and capture the keywords.

Section 2- Listen to the recordings and choose the right answer.

The second section of HSK 4 Listening is choosing the correct one from three answers based on 15 recordings. The contents of the listening are dialogue consisting of two sentences. To handle these, you need to: Firstly understand the question be asked after the dialogue. Normally, there will these types of questions:

1. 关于男的/女的,可以知道什么?(What can we know about the man/woman?)
2. 根据对话,可以知道什么?(What can we learn from the conversation?)
3. 男的/女的是什么意思?(What does the man/woman mean?)
4. 他们最可能在哪里?/ 做什么?(Where are they the most possible?)

Basically, the second section is to test your ability to understand the main idea of the dialogue. So you should try your best to catch the verb(s) in the dialogue, which normally carry the main meaning of the sentence.

Section 3- Choose the right answer based on the given dialogue.

The third section of HSK 4 Listening is choosing the correct one from four answers based on 20 recordings. The contents of the listening are dialogue consisting of five sentences.

Before the third section HSK 4 Listening begins, you should carefully observe the four answers to know beforehand what the question will be like. For instance:

1. If the answers are name of places, the question is about "在哪里?/ 去哪里?", then you should pay special attention when they talk about the place.
2. If the answers are abstract nouns, the question is about the topic of the dialogue, then you should listen carefully what are they mainly talking about and write some words you have heard and find the connection.
3. If the question is about the details, the question should be asking the time, accompany, feeling of the people, etc.

Video Tutorial about Listening Preparation & Practice for HSK Level 4

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