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Halloween is coming!

Halloween is always on the last day of October. Originally Halloween was a serious time to remember the dead. But today in the United States it is primarily a fun holiday for children. Children take part in several activities to celebrate Halloween. Halloween is now also very popular in China. When the day comes you can see the decorations and posters everywhere on the street. Some places will also hold activities that are similar with the USA.

Trick or treating: When night comes, children dress up in costumes—for example, as ghosts, demons, astronauts, or famous people—and walk around their neighborhoods knocking on doors. When their neighbors open the door, the children shout “trick or treat”—it’s a way of asking for candy. People usually have large amounts of candy prepared for this. The children put the candy into big bags they are carrying and move on to the next house. In China the children don’t go to ask for candy. Usually some private school will organize an activity like this. The student will go to other classes to ask for candy.

Trick or treating halloween

Pumpkin-carving: People love to carve pumpkins. They buy large pumpkins—usually bigger than a basketball—and remove the orange stuff from the inside. Then they cut faces into the outside of the pumpkin. Finally, they put candles inside. The result is a glowing face! Some people carve words or shapes instead of faces. Carved pumpkins are called jack o’ lanterns, and people display them in front of their homes. In China only some English Schools might do that. They do it for experiencing western culture.

Pumpkin-carving halloween

Haunted houses: Halloween is a time for fear. People like to watch horror movies and visit haunted houses. They also decorate their own homes with scary things, like spider webs, ghosts, tombstones, and monsters. If you search online for pictures of Halloween decorations you can find amazing examples. You can find haunted houses easily in the amusement park like Happy Valley, Window of the World( In Shenzhen, China).  Chinese people will dress up and to have fun.

Haunted houses halloween

In western countries people do other things too. Some people visit pumpkin farms and pick pumpkins. Some people make special food, like pumpkin pie. (As you can see, pumpkins are an important part of Halloween. They symbolize autumn.) Some people play pranks on their neighbors. For example, they might throw eggs at their houses.



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