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Top 7 Anti-fake Labels for New RMB 100

new 100 rmb

The central bankof China has decided to issue new RMB 100 yuan noteswith increased security features to thwart counterfeiters.The new features include a “golden 100” printed by color-shifting ink in the middle of the front side; and right below it, the color of the flower’s heart has changed to purple. The “color-shifting 100” in the bottom left has been removed and changed into an offset printing pattern, above it is horizontal displayed two-color serial number; on the right side of the main picture is a security thread and vertical displayed serial number; the horizontal displayed “100” on the top right has changed into a new pattern and displayed vertical.

the back of new rmb

On the back side, the series year has change into “2015年”; the security thread on the right side and the anti-copy pattern on the lower right has been removed; other changes includes the pattern of the number and the color of the some decorative pattern and the offset printing patternand the location of it.

1.    The hollowed-outcolor-shifting security thread
It’s located on the right of the front side.The color is magenta when observed vertical and it will become green when observed from a different angle; if you hold the note to light to see then you can find the vertical displayed hollow-out “¥100”.

Anti-fake Label 1

2.    Color-shifting number
It’s printed on the middle of the front side. The color is meanly gold when observed vertical and it will changes into meanly green when observed horizontal. When you tilt the note back and forth the color will changed between gold and green, and you can also find a shining thread move up and down.

Anti-fake Label 2

3.    Portrait watermark
Hold the note to light then you can see a faint portrait of Mao Zedong in the blank space on the left of the note’s front side.

Anti-fake Label 3

4.    Offset printing pattern
There is part of the number “100” on the lower left corner of the front side and the lower right corner of the back side. When you hold the note to the light to see, those two offset printing patterns will formed into a complete “100”.


Anti-fake Label 4

5.    Horizontal and vertical displayed double serial number
The serial number on the lower left corner of the front side is been horizontally displayed, the color of the first two letter and number is dark red, and the last 6 number is been print black; the color of the vertical displayed serial number on the right is blue.

Anti-fake Label 5

6.    White watermark
It can be find right under the horizontal displayed serial number. When you hold the note to the light, you can see a white watermark of the note number “100”. And the light penetrability of this watermark is better.

Anti-fake Label 6

7.    Raised printing
Move your finger up and down Mao Zedong’s portrait, the national emblem, the bank name of “People’s Bank of China”, the note number on the upper right corner and the Great Hall of the Peopleon the back side. It should feel rough to the touch, a result of the enhanced intaglio printing process used to create this image.



Anti-fake Label 7



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