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Chinese Words about Christmas

Merry Christmas! shènɡ dàn jié kuài lè 圣诞节快乐! (Read more about How to say Merry Christmas in Chinese)

At this time of year, some people like to try 西餐xī cānwestern food. But 火鸡huǒ jī(turkey) is not that popular and common in China. So they might go eat 牛排niú pái( beef steak), 意大利面yì dà lì miànItalian noodles, or drink 红酒hónɡ jiǔ(red wine.

Chinese like the color red  红色hónɡ sè redwhich is also a color associated with Christmas, so you can see many red items in the mall. Some gifts that are popular with the Chinese at this time of year are 巧克力qiǎo kè lì(chocolate),糖果tánɡ ɡuǒ(candyand 玩具娃娃wán jù wá wɑ(stuff animals).

Chinese enjoy colorful lights and decorating for festivals, and decorating for Christmas in China is no exception. In the shopping mall and other public places you will see 圣诞树 shènɡ dàn shù(Christmas tree), 彩灯cǎi dēnɡ(twinkling electric light),花环huā huán wreaths),and 雪花huā huán fake snowflake. Of course, kids will be looking 圣诞老人shènɡ dàn lǎo rénSanta Claus.

christmas vocabulary in chinese


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