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Take a Free Chinese Language Assessment Now!


Mandarin has become a very popular language for non-native speakers of many backgrounds to study.  China’s status as the world’s fastest growing economy along with its rich history and culture make it a land of opportunity. The first step to learn Mandarin fluently is to take our quick and free online language assessment.

We have two tools to help you determine your Chinese skill level. Our quick 5-minute quiz provides a rudimentary view of your skill level, while our more in-depth 15-minute standard quiz provides a more holistic view of your skills and optimal learning strategies. These quizzes are professionally designed by our teaching staff and use material drawn from levels 1-6 of the HSK test – the international standard test for Mandarin proficiency.

After you finish the assessment, you will get a free detailed analysis of your test results from a member of the Hanbridge teaching staff.

Click the following link and start your assessment now. Now’s the time to take your first step on the road to fluency!




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