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2014 Open Chess Tournament Held at Shekou Sea World in Shenzhen

Over one hundred chess players, including expatriates from more than 10 countries, participated in the 2014 Shenzhen International Chess Open Tournament at Sea World in Shekou on Saturday, December 6th.

This event is part of Hanbridge’s ongoing effort to create and provide opportunities for expats in Shenzhen to more easily integrate into the community. Chess is a univeral language that can unite people of diverse backgrounds.

Organized in conjunction with the Shenzhen Chess Academy, this event was attended by Liu Shilan, the first Asian Female Chess Grandmaster and head of the Shenzhen Chess Academy. The top eight male and female contestants were recognized with awards with Daniel Lam of Hong Kong named overall champion.

The event also featured strong representation from the Shenzhen Women’s Entrepreneur Association, with twelve members taking part in the contest. Two of these women, LI Shuyan and LU Hong, placed 6th and 7th respectively.

More connection events are being planned now. Keep your eyes open for more opportunities to connect with Hanbridge Mandarin in the near future. What type of even is most interesting to you? We’d love to hear your suggestions.



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