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Memorization Tip– Similar Chinese character (一)

Chinese character is an amazing thing, but most foreigner students think that learn Chinese character may be the most difficult part of Chinese. So I would like to tell you some little skills to remember some similar characters.


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澡(zǎo)——洗澡 xǐ zǎo :take a bath

燥(zào)——干燥 gānzào:dry, dryness

噪(zào)——噪音 zàoyīn :noise

躁(zào)——急躁 jízào :irritable, irascible, impetuous

The only difference between the four charaters is the radical. “氵” is water, “火”is fire, “口”is mouth, “足”is the feet.

Skill :

When you take a bath, you need water,so it’s “洗澡”.

The dry things are very easy to catch fire, so it’s “干燥”.

Many people speak at the same time to make a big noise, so it’s “噪音”.

When a person be worried about something, he likes to walk around, then he needs to use his feet, so “急躁”means “irritable, irascible, impetuous ”



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