What Our Students Say About Us

Jackie Honeycutt (US) Enterprises Senior Executive
Kellar (US) Traveller
Matthew Ong (US) PHD
Mar Carib (Mexico) Individual Owner
Matteo Preabianca (Italy) Online Italian Teacher
  • I believe the only way to really learn about China and understand its culture is to learn Mandarin. Learning Mandarin is an integral part of me reaching my professional goals, so I shopped around several language schools and found Hanbridge Mandarin to be the most professional, best equipped and possessing the most experienced teachers of all the available options. If you’re serious about learning Chinese, choose Hanbridge Mandarin.

    Robert Rice England

  • Studying at Hanbridge Mandarin has given me an opportunity to not just speak and understand Chinese, but also to read and write. The cultural activities offered by the school really allowed me to accelerate my learning progress and gain a deeper understanding of the culture. At Hanbridge Mandarin, I learned more than just how to use the Chinese language; I learned what it means to be Chinese.

    Thierry Duroy France

  • Hanbridge Mandarin has skilled teachers, professional methodology and a dedication to see their students succeed. Thanks to their guidance, I’ve advanced and improved my Chinese ability a great deal in a short amount of time. Hanbridge Mandarin is the real deal. I recommend them without reservation.

    Aaron Catlin USA

  • I came to Hanbridge Mandarin to learn some Chinese to improve my communication skills while living in China and they’ve far surpassed my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed my classes and Hanbridge Mandarin made learning the language fun. My teacher was professional and highly skilled but remained patient and used a great sense of humor to keep my progress on track. If success is your only option, Hanbridge Mandarin is your only choice.

    Colin May England

  • I arrived at Hanbridge Mandarin armed only knowing a small amount of Chinese and with a goal to learn enough to pass the HSK 4. Thanks to the professional teaching staff and excellent learning methodology, I’ve already passed the HSK 5 and will soon be prepared to pass the HSK 6 exam. Hanbridge Mandarin has exceeded my expectations, allowed me to achieve more than I’d expected and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Takada Yoshihiko Japan

  • Hanbridge Mandarin has allowed me to fulfill several Chinese learning goals. It has allowed me to enrich my travel experiences by giving me insight into Chinese culture. My communication skills have increased, allowing me to gain better perspective on the world. My classes have been professional and excellent and I'm glad to recommend Hanbridge Mandarin to others.

    Caroline Burland France