Hanbridge Mandarin Team

All Hanbridge Mandarin instructors are accredited language teachers, native speakers of Mandarin, and have obtained a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in language. All have standard Mandarin pronunciation and have completed Hanbridge Mandarin's rigorous training program. Most importantly, they are committed to and enthusiastic about teaching and have a passion to help people learn to speak Mandarin and learn about Chinese culture.

How do we choose our teachers?

Hanbridge Mandarin has a strict policy when it comes to the teachers we hire. All instructors:

  • Hold at least a Bachelor's degree - 60% of our teachers have a Master's degree
  • Be native Mandarin speakers with standard pronunciation
  • Be effectively bilingual in Chinese and at least one other language such as English, French, Japanese, etc.
  • Be committed to and enthusiastic about teaching

How do we train our teachers and coaches?

  • Our teachers and coaches complete a rigorous program that includes exams and trial lessons before they are given a full teaching load.
  • To ensure our teaching skills stay sharp, Hanbridge Mandarin teachers participate in ongoing internal professional development training which ensure they are up to date on the latest.

Certified & Professional Mandarin Teachers are Committed to Your Success

Shasha Liu

Lilian Li

Jenie Cao

Carrie Gong

Penny Zhang

Jamila Wu

Lily Gao

Fifi Yang

Maggie Wu

Tim Chen

Edith Zheng

Vikki Lv

Cindy Liu

Cathy Cao

Amy Han

Kitty Zhang

Mandy Chen

Ada Zhou

Iris Liu

Clarice Zhao

Daisy Jiang

Susanna Hu

Jade Liu

Doris Wu

Nicole Zeng

Grace Long

Amanda Guo

Cris Zhu

Michelle Zhou

Julia Song

Mollan Mo

Wan Li

Wendy Liu

Deborah Chen

Dedicated Student Support Staff

Keelary Huang

Lisa Song

Rose Li

Fiona Yang