How to Learn Chinese Characters in a Fast and Easy Way

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how to learn Chinese characters

Chinese character has a history of 5000 years. It is one of the most frequent used language in the world as well. Today i would like to show you some easy way to help you remember character fast and interesting.

1. Try to recognize characters first, then practice writing.

Chinese character components are the obvious relationship between morphology and structure relations, it is very easy for reading. But writing for international students, it would be difficult. Teachers can make students to feel the form and understand the meaning first,and remember the sound perception, reduce the requirement of writing.

2. Copybook of Calligraphy

The usage of Copybook of Calligraphy is common among primary students to practice writing when they first study Chinese Character which is also suitable for overseas students. Besides, it would be better if you choose the exercise books with grid in it. There are lots of kinds of grids for students to practice Chinese writing because with gird the writing can be done better than without grid.

3. Stroke Decomposition

It will help you to write Chinese if you decompose the stroke of each Chinese Character, especially for some combined strokes like the combination of the horizontal stroke, the left-falling stroke and the turning stroke with an upward hook. To decompose those kinds of complicated Chinese Character is also helps the learners to searching Chinese.

4. The Order of Strokes

Stroke Order

To practice the writing start with the Chinese Characters whose strokes are easily confused by the students. And characters like “与、车、火、出、脊、登、考、皮、讯、管、凹、凸” and so forth are always make students confusing. We can try to write these words up in the blackboard and let the students discuss with each other.

5. Character Cards

There are several types of Character Cards in the market which is also easy to make on oneself. It would be better to make one side of the card a character and the other side in Pinyin, explanation of the character (or words, phrase and pictures are favorable.). The ways for applying Character Cards can be hundreds, for example, speak out the sound, the meaning or the relevant phrases of this Character by seeing it, or write the Character by seeing the Pinyin of the word. It will be convenient for usage within two people or study alone.

6. Dictation

This is the most common way to test whether the student had fully acquire a Chinese Character, however, this is not the only way and it can’t be the only way to test. For Chinese Studying is always starting with Pinyin studying which make the learner difficult to connect the sound to a certain Chinese Character.

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