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Chinese pinyin is divided into initial and final, it is a set of signals for pronunciation system, should not be regarded as separate letters.

shēng mǔ
In total 21
Initial chinese
yùn mǔ
If you have trouble with characters, you can use some free tool and make it into pinyin.
1. You can use online tool, such as:

pinyin to chinese character tool

Input any Chinese characters, and click change. It will be Chinese pinyin accordingly.

2. You can also download some tools.

character to pinyin
Even you don’t have internet, you can change Chinese characters to pinyin if you download the tool.

To read the story with Chinese pinyin.
老(lǎo) 师(shī) 说(shuō): 在(zài) 这(zhè) 有(yǒu) 两(liǎnɡ) 只(zhī) 鸟(niǎo) 一(yì) 只(zhī) 是(shì) 麻(má) 雀(què) 一(yì) 只(zhī) 是(shì) 燕(yàn) 子(zi) 谁(shuí) 能(nénɡ) 告(ɡào) 诉(su) 我(wǒ) 那(nà) 只(zhǐ) 是(shì) 燕(yàn) 子(zi) 那(nà) 只(zhǐ) 是(shì) 麻(má) 雀(què)
学(xué) 生(shenɡ) 说(shuō): 我(wǒ) 不(bù) 能(nénɡ) 直(zhí) 接(jiē) 指(zhǐ) 出(chū) 他(tā) 们(men) 但(dàn) 是(shì) 我(wǒ) 知(zhī) 道(dào) 答(dá) 案(àn)
老(lǎo) 师(shī) 说(shuō): 请(qǐnɡ) 告(ɡào) 诉(su) 我(wǒ) 们(men) 答(dá) 案(àn)
学(xué) 生(shenɡ) 说(shuō): 燕(yàn) 子(zi) 旁(pánɡ) 边(biān) 的(de) 是(shì) 麻(má) 雀(què) 麻(má) 雀(què) 旁(pánɡ) 边(biān) 的(de) 是(shì) 燕(yàn) 子(zi)

Two Birds
  Teacher: Here are two birds, one is a swallow, and the other is sparrow. Now who can tell us which is which?
  Student: I cannot point out but I know the answer.
  Teacher: Please tell us.
  Student: The swallow is beside the sparrow and the sparrow is beside the swallow.

The tool does much help for Chinese learning, but it not one hundred percent right. So only when we improved our Chinese with some native Chinese teachers, we can recognize the wrong information from it. For example,
wǒ hěn ɡāo xìnɡ jīn tiān wǎn shàng ké yǐ shuì
ɡè hǎo jué le 。
I am glad that I can have a good sleep tonight.
There is a mistake in this sentence when it changed to pinyin.
There are many poly phones in Chinese characters and they have different meanings.
shuì jiào
So in last sentence, it should be jiào, shuì jiào means sleep.
jué dé
觉得 means feel.
wǒ jiào dé zhè gè hěn hǎo
I think this is good.

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