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Posted by Lilian Li on 2015-11-27 11:35:56 854

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Listening is the foundation of communication. Understanding only comes after you can discern what others are saying. Before learning to speak as children, we spent at least a couple years listening. Even before speaking, it is true that young children can understand a great deal of speech. Listening resources are to beginning Chinese learners as those critical sentences from a parent are to a baby learning to speak.

Now that you’ve decided to improve Chinese listening comprehension , what kind of content is best? We’d recommend sticking with topics that deal with daily life situations such as ordering in a restaurant, going to the hospital or buying clothes. Another great alternative is to utilize a professional training program to get some suggestions for appropriate materials.

If you’re interested in business specific language, there are multiple resources available including a book called “Into Business With Chinese” that can be recommended.

Hanbridge Mandarin School has extensive experience with students seeking both personal and business language skills and have helped companies such as Epson, YKK and others to improve their employees’ language abilities. Take a quick look here: http://www.hanbridgemandarin.com

We’d love to help you on your journey to fluency. There’s no need to wait; in fact, you can take a free language competency assessment right now!

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