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Posted by Lilian Li on 25/11/2015 10:53 PM 925

If you want to speak Chinese the very first thing you should do is to spend at least a month just mastering the basic phonetics of the Chinese alphabet. However Chinese alphabets are not the same as English. We have other name to call it Pinyin. Chinese is a tonal language: say Pinyin seems like “Alphabets + Tones” like: “nǐhǎo !”—hello! Thus, you have to get the pronunciation right that you won’t be misunderstood.

First of all, you need to master the 4 distinct tones.
The first tone is high and flat with no change in the pitch, using “ˉ” as its tone mark. For example, mā(mother).
The second tone rises from the middle to the top, using “ˊ” as its tone mark. For example: má(numb).
The third tone curves mid-low to low and then rises to mid-high, using “ˇ” as its tone mark. For example, mǎ(horse).
The forth tone falls sharply from the top to the bottom, using “ˋ” as its tone mark. For example, mà(scold).

After learning the four tones, you’re able to pronounce the Chinese alphabet below with ease.
    A – 诶 (ēi)
    B – 比 (bǐ)
    C – 西 (xī)
    D – 迪 (dí)
    E – 伊( yī)
    F – 艾弗 (ài fú)
    G – 吉 (jí)
    H – 艾尺 (ài chǐ)
    I – 艾 (ài)
    J – 杰 (jié)
    K – 开 (kāi)
    L – 艾勒 (ài lè)
    M – 艾马 (ài mǎ)
    N – 艾娜 (ài nà)
    O – 哦 (ó)
    P – 屁 (pì)
    Q – 吉吾 (jí wú)
    R – 艾儿 (ài ér)
    S – 艾丝 (ài sī)
    T – 提 (tí)
    U – 伊吾 (yī wú)
    V – 维 (wéi)
    W – 豆贝尔维 (dòu bèi ěr wéi)
    X – 艾克斯 (yī kè sī)
    Y – 吾艾 (wú ài)
    Z – 贼德 (zéi dé)

Not sure whether you have pronounced the Chinese alphabet accurately? Just look for a native Chinese speaker to help you or to attend a Chinese reading course!

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