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Posted by Lilian Li on 10/11/2015 11:44 PM 637

learn to read Chinese quickly

Everyone knows that learning to read Chinese is not a simple task, but is it possible to learn to read Chinese quickly? Given the sheer number of characters, it is improbable that a foreign speaker will learn to read characters quickly. However, learning to read pinyin does offer the Chinese language student an opportunity to begin reading and communicating quickly.

It is important to know the sounds and blended sounds of pinyin syllables.  For example: yao and you. Many beginners are confused by this and often make mistakes with this. Obviously, when we read yao, the mouth is bigger than when you read you. Another example, si and shi, which a flat tongue, another one is retroflex. When we read these two syllables, the tongue is at a different place. If you can not distinguish well when you reading them, it is likely you will make a lot of mistakes.

Chinese has four tones, and neutrual tone. Each character has its own tone, some even have two or three. Of course, for many learners, to master the most popular tone is the most important thing. For example, qī shí and qí shí, yú and yǔ. As we can see, qī has the first tone here, the pronunciation of this is relatively stable, there is no rock fall down, if we can use the pitch of the music to show this, is a low pitch. And qí is a pronunciation with the second tone. Relatively comparing to the first tone, it rise to a higher pitch. If we grasp this and pronunce accurately, we can know qí shí means “ actually ”, and qī shí means “ seventy ”. As for yǔ ( with third tone ) and yú ( with second tone ), if we want to eat fish, which one we must choose to say? Of course is yú .(Actually for this, we have a full range of educational services, even if you have no experience, we can also help you to start learning the basics of the alphabet! )

Pinyin is a great way to begin reading Chinese quickly and getting started on the all-important task of perfect pronunciation to ensure your Chinese is understood by native speakers.  At Hanbridge Mandarin, we specialize in helping people learn Chinese. Read more about our Chinese courses and get a free trial lesson.

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