5 Good Ways to Learn Chinese Grammar

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Grammar is one of the elements of a language. Foreigners learning Chinese must have a good understanding of the characteristics of its grammar, in addition to the command of pronunciation, Chinese Characters (the written symbols of Chinese) and vocabulary, before they can acquire a mastery of the rules of sentence making and work usage.

Below are five good ways are recommended to help you grasp Chinese grammar.

1. Read Short Stories

There are short Chinese stories or dialogs in PinYin. You can get some simple grammar points by reading them. Also you use these structures in your own sentences. Here are some typical examples:

A sentence with a verb as the predicate to state what a person or thing indicated by the subject does:

Subject+ verb (predicate)

wǒ xué xí 。

我 学 习 。 I study.

wǒ xǐ huɑn 。

我 喜 欢 。 I like.

The sentence with an adjectival predicate is one in which the predicate is an adjective telling "how" the subject is:

Subject + adjective (predicate)

wǒ ɡāo

我 高 。 I am tall

tā piào liɑnɡ 。

她 漂 亮 。 She is beautiful.

2. Read the News

After you learnt simple grammar points, you can try to read news. News always uses accurate words and standard structure:

Subject + time + to do something (time can be put in front of the subject as well.)

wǒ mínɡ tiān qù ɡōnɡ sī 。

我 明 天 去 公 司 。 I am going to the company tomorrow

Subject + time + place + to do something

wǒ mínɡ tiān qù ɡōnɡ sī ɡōnɡ zuò.

我 明 天 去 公 司 工 作 。

I am going to the company to work.

3. Do Grammar Exercises in a Textbook

Like all language learning, doing exercise is a good way to practice grammar. There are plenty of textbooks with good exercise. You can get help from http://www.hanbridgemandarin.com/course/chinese-language-course/chinese-grammar

4. Compare Chinese Grammar with English Grammar

There are some grammar points are exactly the same, such as:

Subject+ verb (predicate) +noun (object)

wǒ xué xí hàn yǔ 。

我 学 习 汉 语 。 I study Chinese.

wǒ xǐ huɑn zhōnɡ ɡuó cài 。

我 喜 欢 中 国 菜 。 I like Chinese dishes.

Therefore there are some structures are different from English structures. For example, when you are writing the date in a Chinese sentence, we put year at the beginning. And when we are writing an address, the order is: Country, province, city, district, street, number….. (From the biggest to the smallest)

5. Speak Chinese Often and Ask Natives to Correct You

Always use complete sentences (to get practice). In this way teachers or friends will find out your grammar problems easily.

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