How to say "taxi" in Chinese

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taxi in Chinese

Taxi is a type of vehicle hired by a single passenger or small group of passengers with a determined pick- and drop-off which is differs from other public transport and it is normally a non-share ride which means if the taxi is hired by someone, it will not be available for any others. It's translated to Chinese in: chū zū chē出租车 – where chū zū translates into "rent". There is another name for taxi in China, named 的士, which is a Cantonese transliteration of the English word "taxi". If you travel in China, taxi will be the most facility vehicle to take you anywhere you want. How to take a taxi and how to communicate with driver for some essential questions? Learn more about building your oral communication skills.


打车 (Take a taxi)


乘客 Passenger


司机 Driver

Learn Some Useful Phrases for Taking a Taxi with Our Native Chinese Teacher Lilian

Let me share a dialogue to see how to take a taxi.

Chéngkè : Dí shì!

乘客: 的士!( Passenger: Hey, taxi.)

Sījī: Nǐ hǎo, qǐngwèn qù nǎ'er?

司机:你好,请问去哪儿? Hello, may I know where to?

Chéngkè : Wǒ qù shǒudū jīchǎng

乘客:我去首都机场 (I am going to capital airport.)

Sījī: Hǎo de, qǐng xì hǎo ānquán dài.


Driver: ok, please buckle up.

Chéngkè : Xièxiè! Ānquán dì yī, qǐng màn diǎn kāi.


Passenger: Thank you. Please drive slowly to make sure safety.

Sījī: Bié dānxīn!


Driver: Don't worry!


Sījī: dǔchēle

司机:堵车了 (We got traffic jam.)

Chéngkè: Méishì, wǒ bù jí.

乘客:没事,我不急。 No problem, I am not in a hurry.


Sījī: Dàole

司机:到了 ( We are arrived.)

Chéngkè : Hǎo de, wǒ zài zhè xià chē. Duōshǎo qián?

乘客:好的,我在这下车。多少钱? (Ok, let me get off here. How much is it?)

Sījī: Jiǔshíwǔ

司机:95 (Ninety five)

Chéngkè : Xièxiè, bùyòng zhǎole.

乘客:谢谢,不用找了。(Thank you. Keep the change.)

Sījī: Xièxiè! Zàijiàn!

司机:谢谢!再见! (Thank you! See you.)

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