How to Write Email in Chinese

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write email in chinese

Let’s start from the beginning. When you write emails to your family and friends. English email usually starts with: Hey dude/bro/buddy/ ect. Well in Chinese we say 亲爱的qīn ài de …which means Dear…. When you are writing to your boss, teacher, elders or clients you can start with 尊敬的 zūn jìnɡ de…means honorific. Or (…xiān shenɡ 先生 Mr. …)( nǚ shì 女 士 Ms…..)

If you don't know who will receive it you can start the email with 敬启者jìnɡ qǐ zhě (to whom it may concern ) or 致相关人士 zhì xiānɡ ɡuān rén shì (to relevant persons).

Then you write some greeting words like (你好nǐhǎo Hello) (您好nín hǎo Hello(politely) ( 早上好 zǎo shɑnɡ hǎo good morning ) (下午好xià wǔ hǎo Good afternoon) (晚上好 wǎn shɑnɡ hǎo Good evening)

After that we usually directly go to the theme. Before closing an email we always put some blessing sentences such as (zhù nǐ xīn xiǎnɡ shì chénɡ 祝你心想事成 May all your wishes come true) (zhōu mò yú kuài 周 末 愉 快 Have a nice weekend)

Now let’s talk about how to close an email. After writing the blessing words you can put you name at the end. You can also put your position or appellation like (你的学生 nǐ de xué shenɡ…- Your student…) (nín zuì hǎo de pénɡ you 您 最 好 的 朋 友…- Your best friend…)

Here is a mail template for you:

qīn ài de Julia,
亲 爱 的 Julia,

nǐ hǎo , mínɡ tiān wǒ bù nénɡ shànɡ kè 。 wǒ men hòu tiān 10: 00
你 好 , 明 天 我 不 能 上 课 。 我 们 后 天 10 :00
shànɡ kè ké yǐ mɑ ? xiè xiè 。
上 课 可 以 吗 ? 谢 谢 。

nǐ de xué shenɡ
你 的 学 生

Dear Julia,
Hi! Tomorrow I can’t have class. Can we have class at 10:00am the day after tomorrow? Thanks! 

Your student

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