Months, Seasons and Days of the Week in Chinese

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Today we’ll learn month, season and week in Chinese Mandarin.

Months of the Year in Chinese

Months in Chinese are pretty easy to learn. There are twelve months in a year, and January is the first month of the year, February is the second month of the year. Month in Chinese is “月”, one in Chinese is “一”, two in Chinese is “二”. And January translate into Chinese is “一月”, February is “二月”. You have found the rule, right? Yes, from January to December, the term is “number of the year + 月”.

See the full list of translation:
一月 (yī yuè) - January
二月 (èr yuè) - February
三月 (sān yuè) - March
四月 (sì yuè) - April
五月 (wǔ yuè) - May
六月 (liù yuè) - June
七月 (qī yuè) - July
八月 (bā yuè) - August
九月 (jiǔ yuè) - September
十月 (shí yuè) - October
十一月 (shí yī yuè) - November
十二月 (shí èr yuè) - December

现在是三月。(xiàn zài shì sān yuè)
It is March

Seasons in Chinese

There are four seasons in a year:
春天 (chūn tiān) - Spring
夏天 (xià tiān)- Summer
秋天 (qiū tiān) - Autumn
冬天 (dōng tiān) – Winter

深圳的夏天真热。(shēn zhèn de xià tiān zhēn rè)
Summer in Shenzhen is so hot.

Days of the Week in Chinese

Week in Chinese is “星期”. In China, Monday is the first day of the week and Monday in Chinese is 星期一, Tuesday is the second day of the week and Tuesday in Chinese is 星期二. Similar to months of the year, here you can use the term “星期 + number of the week”.
Please note that Sunday is an exception, Sunday is 星期天 not “星期七”.

The chart below shows the days of the week in Chinese.

  星期(xīng qī)
  Days of the Week

  工作日(gōng zuò rì)
 星期一 (xīng qī yī)
 星期二 (xīng qī èr)
 星期三 (xīng qī sān)
 星期四 (xīng qī sì)
 星期五 (xīng qī wǔ)

周末(zhōu mò)
 星期六 (xīng qī liù)
 星期天 (xīng qī tiān)

今天是三月十一号,星期五。(jīn tiān shì sān yuè shí yī hào ,xīng qī wǔ)
Today is Friday, March 11.

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