Chinese Course for Teenagers

Availability: Teenage students aged 10 to 17 years old

This Course, designed especially for young adults, can be modified to fit the unique abilities and goals of each student. This course will give teenagers a great start on their journey to fluency. Our experienced teachers provide students with valuable knowledge in all of the four main areas of language learning: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Courses are interactive and fun with teachers presenting material in a variety of mediums including books, riddles, video and songs. Teenagers tend to absorb new languages much faster than adults. The classes are divided into 3 different levels, ranging from Preliminary to Advanced level.


Authoritative and structured learning materials
Synchronized with the Chinese students' book
Professional and experienced teachers

This course is designed for teens who have never taken Chinese classes before and can not read Pinyin or Chinese characters.


What do you learn

We focus on training your listening and speaking at this level although we introduce Pinyin and basic strokes of Chinese characters gradually. You learn basic daily vocabulary and short sentences. At the end stage of this level, you should be able to understand some simple questions and answer accordingly using some simple words on basic daily topics.

This course is designed for teens who who can use familiar words to answer simple questions in basic daily situations. They can read Pinyin and recognize basic strokes of Chinese characters.


What do you learn

You will learn how to ask and answer questions with long sentences in predictable everyday situations. You also will know how to write some simple Chinese characters. At the end stage of this level, you should be able to discuss familiar topics, provided that the dialogue is conducted slowly.

This course is designed for teens who can ask and answer questions with long sentences in predictable everyday situations.


What do you learn

You will read and write more Chinese characters, and read short simple stories. Teens will also study famous writings, news reports, and selected readings of contemporary Chinese literature. At the end stage of this level, you will be able to read longer articles, narrate stories, and interact with a degree of spontaneity.

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My daughter is 14 years old now and she has Mandarin class in her local school, but I want to give online tutorial lessons to her. First, I fear that she wouldn't like extra Mandarin class, but my daughter said she like this online class and she think the teaching method is very interesting, she think it can help her to learn Mandarin in her local school.

France | Ingrid Bartra Soto


我很快要上大学了,在HM学习了一年了,现在我可以读懂中国的新闻了, 还有,我认识了很多中国朋友,跟他们在一起,我总是说中文。

I will go to University in China very soon, and already learnt Mandarin in Hanbridge Mandarin for one year. Now I can read and understand Chinese news in newspaper and television, what's more, I make many Chinese friends. I always speak Chinese when I stay with them.

France | Thomas FLAMENT