Accommodations Information about Hanbridge Mandarin School

Availability: All Chinese learners


We offer two options for accomodations: hotel or a homestay with a Mandarin-speaking Chinese family.

accomodations: hotel or a homestay
accomodations: hotel or a homestay


1. If you currently reside in Mainland China, then please make sure that your visa and passport are up-to-date.
2. If you live outside the country, then a one-time entry tourist visa will be sufficient for the duration of the program. To obtain a visa, apply at the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country.


There is a range of hotels near our centers which offer safe, clean, and comfortable western-style rooms with Internet access. Some hotels and serviced apartments we recommend near our center are:

Hotel Name Room Rate
L'Hermitage Hotel (5-star hotel) From 888 RMB per night
Lia Charlton Hotel Shenzhen (5-star hotel) From 756 RMB per night
Regal City Hotel (budget hotel) From 228 RMB per night
Motel 268 Shenzhen Science Park Branch (budget hotel) From 215 RMB per night
Yingfujia Business Hotel Shenzhen (budget hotel) From 198 RMB per night
Price is for reference only. You can search it on the booking or agenda. If you need any assistance finding the right place to stay, please don't hesitate to ask!


The Homestay Program is an extension of the Hanbridge Mandarin Immersion Course. If you opt for our homestay package, you will live with a Chinese family during your study in Shenzhen and gain an intimate view of day-to-day Chinese home life and traditions. Your host family will warmly welcome you, treat you as a family member, and provide you with a private bedroom.

All of our homestay host families have been carefully screened, interviewed and are dedicated to your success. They understand your desire to learn Chinese and will be happy to help you practice Mandarin or to introduce you to Chinese food and culture.