Immersion Course

Availability: All Chinese learners

Immersion Schedule

Hanbridge Mandarin offers immersion instruction ranging from beginner to advanced. After assessing your Chinese language level, we tailor a course for your needs. Students may select a schedule that runs five, ten or twenty days. In addition, students may choose fixed group lessons or one-on-one custom lessons. For the most up to date course schedule, please contact our center:

Evening and weekend activities can also be arranged upon request. Examples of activities include trips to other cities in China, attending a Kung Fu demonstration or Chinese movies, viewing a Chinese calligraphy artist at work, and many more. Exploring the culture gives students a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the language.

Fixed Immersion Plan

Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
Program Name: Group Immersion (8 Hours Per Day)
Size of group:2-4 person per group

Customized Immersion Plan

Levels: Any Level from Beginner to Advanced, course is
tailor-made for the individual learner
Program Name: Customized Immersion Program
One- On-One study ( 8 Hours Per Day )