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Posted by Jenie Cao on 2016-12-05 13:55:05 910


Many people say that Mandarin is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Yet, people across the world are learning it every day. You can too with the right attitude.

Here are some tips for learning any language, including Mandarin.

The first step is having the right mindset. Even though you may have been told that Mandarin is difficult, put it out of your mind. Intelligence is not the only factor for successful learning. There is a psychology to learning, too. If you decide you can learn, then you probably will. However, if from the beginning you think that you can’t learn, then likely you won’t.

If you have learned another language in the past, then adopt useful methods and practices into your Mandarin learning. Some may not work, but others might. So give it a try.

We all need motivation to learn. If you are working in China, then you already have an incentive to learn Mandarin. So link the language to your job. If you are a company leader, then you likely will want to learn vocabulary for good communication with your managers and associates. If you work in a technical position, then start learning the related terminology in Mandarin. Regardless of your role and the work, there are materials and resources for pretty much every career and job position available through bookshops and on the Internet.

Each of us has our own learning style. Some prefer to learn on their own with books, videos or the Internet. Others would rather read and then recite vocabulary. Still others prefer one-on-one lessons with a tutor, while some people feel they learn better in a class with other learners. What works best for you?

Regardless of your current situation, you should be able to find the right pathway for learning Mandarin. No matter what route you take to learning the language, one element will always be needed: persistence! As the saying goes, a journey begins with the first step. Take it and keep on going! Is it too hard for you to learn Chinese all by yourself? Book a free trial class here and let our teachers help you now!

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