Learning Chinese Online


Learning Chinese in China

Hanbridge Mandarin has Solved the Equation for Your Success!

Utilizes the latest in technology to support better student interaction, learning and performance. The virtual classroom is stable, secure and reliable.

teaching facilities


Students and teachers can write, revise and see content in real time.

Interactive Video & Audio

All participants can see and hear all other students during class. Students and teachers can also upload and download video content.

Shareable Desktop

Teachers and students can share desktop views to facilitate understanding.


Each class can be saved, downloaded and reviewed at a later date.

Study Chinese Anywhere, Anytime

The Hanbridge Virtual Classroom supports all these platforms

Windows PC

Mac PC

iOS System

Android System

If for some reason you don't wish to use the Hanbridge Mandarin Virtual Classroom, we can offer our
courses using Skype or international QQ.

Be reminded that Skype classes will not have the same technology features as the Virtual