Immersion Course

Availability: All Chinese learners

The Hanbridge Mandarin Immersion Approach

The immersion program at Hanbridge Mandarin is designed to accelerate the learning curve with lessons that are dynamic as well as fun. With emphasis on practical, real world language usage you will learn in just two weeks what takes months in other programs.

Everyone is capable of learning Mandarin, yet we recognize that learning styles differ from one person to the next. That is why our immersion instructors employ a variety of teaching techniques. Using multi-media, role-plays, games, and real world activities provides a combination geared to swiftly cultivate confidence and fluency.


Hanbridge Mandarin Immersion Course Philosophy

The Hanbridge Mandarin immersion program dives right into Chinese language and culture to get quick, measureable results. From the first lesson you will be speaking Mandarin in a natural intuitive way.

Our professional staff is highly trained in the latest language teaching methodology, and our approach is thoroughly modern and inspirational. We have incorporated ideas from different cultures and all parts of the globe to ensure that studying at Hanbridge Mandarin is your fast track to communicating in Mandarin.

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Hanbridge Mandarin’s immersion course offers a great way to learn Chinese language and culture. My listening, speaking and reading of Chinese all improved a great deal.

America | Steven Su


I really appreciate my Chinese teachers a great deal. All of them were so kind, friendly and experienced. They made my month-long immersion course an unforgettable and wonderful Chinese learning journey.

Australia | Myles Lyster