Lilian Li

Experience: 4 Years

Motto: Practice makes perfect.

Teaching experience and background

Lilian has a master’s degree in linguistics and didactics from Rennes University in France. An expert in linguistics and educational psychology, she has taught Chinese as a foreign language for several years, primarily in France. Her classes follow a logical and thorough path to ensure students build a methodology of learning that will continue to help them improve their language ability. She likes jogging, swimming, partying, and hang out with friends!

Writer's Articles

  • Chinese Vocabulary about Banking in China
    06/12/2016 6:54 PM

    Once you move to China, to make life more convenient, you need to open a Chinese bank account. Either your bank is Bank of China(BOC), Industrial And Commercial Bank of China(ICBC), or China Merchant Bank(CBA), it is important to know the vocabulary about banking, This article will tell you everything about it!

  • What is Organizational Structure of the Chinese Company?
    27/11/2016 11:16 PM

    Do you know the organizational structure of Chinese company and describe your job? If not, this article will tell you everything you need to know in 5 minutes!

  • How to Introduce People and Company in Chinese
    22/11/2016 7:41 PM

    Do you want to expand your business in China? It is inevitable to meet Chinese customers and partners. So it becomes more and more important to make an impressive introduction of your company as well as colleagues to help build the future correspondence. Today’s article will show you the key words and phrases.

  • Chinese Vocabulary for Singles’ Day
    10/11/2016 7:57 PM

    ‘Singles’ Day is coming! Whom will you be celebrating with? Are you prepared to ‘lose your hand’ this day also call ‘E-shopping Festival’ ? Don’t be scared! You won’t really lose your hand, it’s just a metaphor for consuming large amount of money. But why Chinese people celebrate Singles’ Day (光棍节 – guāng gùn jié)? What is this ‘Singles’ Day’ business? Read this article, you’ll know everything about it!

  • Chinese Vocabulary about 2016 United States Presidential Election
    31/10/2016 7:13 PM

    The 2016 US Presidential Election has drawn worldwide attention, which arises lots of debates in China too. I believe you have already been asked who you support or whom you think will win the election. So today, let’s learn some Chinese phrases about 2016 United States Presidential Election to get you prepared in case you need to introduce it to your Chinese friend or are asked by Chinese people ‘So do you think Trump will win?’

  • Chinese Vocabulary for Beverages
    23/10/2016 6:38 PM

    Whether you want to order something to drink or are doing business in the beverage industry, knowing the Chinese names for different kinds of drinks is important. So, this article will review a variety in both pinyin and characters.

  • Chinese Phrases for Activities with Friends
    16/10/2016 6:24 PM

    Have you ever wondered what to talk about when hanging out with Chinese friends? Sports? Movies? Personal interests? Some funny jokes? In this article, I will introduce four topics and some helpful phrases when spending time with friends.

  • Chinese Question Particles 吗, 呢, 吧
    25/09/2016 11:32 PM

    As a Chinese teacher, I’ve been asked several times about the difference between these three question particles, also called question word ---‘ma吗’, ‘ne呢’, ‘ba吧’. The truth is their differences are quite obvious. Once you know their usage in their own situation, there will be no confusion at all.

  • Chinese Phrases about Mid-Autumn Festival
    13/09/2016 6:16 PM

    The upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Chinese lunar calendar, also known as Moon Festival, is in town. So today’s article will help you know more about this festival and learn some related Chinese phrases, as well.

  • Best Chinese Story Books for Children
    30/08/2016 7:23 PM

    No matter whether you are an expat who is looking for suitable story books for your children, or you are a beginning language learner trying to figure out how Chinese characters work and how to structure simple sentences, continue to read and you will find a list of Chinese story books for whatever your need is!