Mollan Mo

Experience: 4 years

Motto: The things you love deserve your best effort

Teaching experience and background

Mollan holds a bachelor’s degree in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Experienced and skilled, she utilizes a variety of activities and methods to keep her classes lively. She loves her job and her passion to share her language and culture with others drives her to help her students succeed.

Writer's Articles

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    Top 10 Websites to Watch Chinese TV Series Online For Free, such as YouKu, Tudou, QQ TV, LETV, baidu TV, Sohu TV.

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    Hanbridge Mandarin provides Chinese business meeting etiquette tips and advices to help you do business in China and win in business negotiations.

  • How to Write Chinese Calligraphy
    03/03/2016 12:05 AM

    Chinese calligraphy, 书法shū fǎ in Chinese, has been considered the quintessence of Chinese culture because it is an art that encompasses Chinese language, history, philosophy, and aesthetics.