Sam bleakly

Experience: 3

Motto: Learning Languages and Having Fun

Teaching experience and background

Sam learned Mandarin when he was living and working in Shanghai. He now lives in Tokyo with his wife Natalie. Sam is a polyglot and is currently learning Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese.

Writer's Articles

  • Learning Mandarin Through the Telephone
    10/03/2016 7:16 AM

    Learning a language can't be done without speaking it. But what can do if you if you don't have anyone to speak it with? Having a language exchange partner is fun, but what if you could speak with a local in a completely immersive context?

  • Chinese Coffee Vocabulary
    10/03/2016 6:15 AM

    In addition to having the one of the strongest tea cultures in the world, coffee culture is also exploding in China. As of July 2015, Coffee Consumption is in a growth cycle of 7x the global average, about 25% to 30% year on year.

  • Top 5 Ways to Break Your Chinese Learning Slump
    08/03/2016 6:47 AM

    This article will give you 5 tips for motivating yourself to learn Chinese when you just don't feel like it. These "slump breakers" are common sense and practical tools to use when you have trouble finding motivation to study Mandarin.