What Our Students Say About Us

  • Igor(Russia)


  • Jodie(England) & Parker(Russia)

    Jodie(England) & Parker(Russia)

  • Matthew keeler(UK)

    Matthew keeler(UK)

  • Anna(Netherlands)


  • Julie (France)

    Julie (France)

  • Cédric Santino (Italy)

    Cédric Santino (Italy)

  • LACHEVRE-Audrey (French)

    LACHEVRE-Audrey (French)

  • Sebastin (France)

    Sebastin (France)

  • Pierre (France)

    Pierre (France)

  • PELATAN Nicolas (France) System Completion Group

    PELATAN Nicolas (France) System Completion Group

  • Adelaide Duroux (France) Manager

    Adelaide Duroux (France) Manager

  • Robert Rice (England) MBA Trainer

    Robert Rice (England) MBA Trainer

  • Matthew Ong (US) PHD

    Matthew Ong (US) PHD

  • Jackie Honeycutt (US) Enterprises Senior Executive

    Jackie Honeycutt (US) Enterprises Senior Executive

  • Christine Sandra (German) Enterprise Staff

    Christine Sandra (German) Enterprise Staff

  • Caroline Burland (France) Artist

    Caroline Burland (France) Artist

  • Colin May(England)Retired Worker

    Colin May(England)Retired Worker

  • Gaotian (Japan) YKK Staff

    Gaotian (Japan) YKK Staff

  • Matteo Preabianca (Italy) Online Italian Teacher

    Matteo Preabianca (Italy) Online Italian Teacher

  • Mar Carib (Mexico) Individual Owner

    Mar Carib (Mexico) Individual Owner

  • Kellar (US) Traveller

    Kellar (US) Traveller

  • Ben (Canada)

    Ben (Canada)

  • Siva (France)

    Siva (France)

  • 孔爱凯 (Kenya)

    孔爱凯 (Kenya)

  • Gilles (France)

    Gilles (France)

  • Bin & Tri (Bin & Tri)

    Bin & Tri (Bin & Tri)

See what other students say about us

  • Seffi

    Since childhood my mother, a teacher herself, used to encourage me in hard learning times. She said: there is no bad pupil for a good teacher. I am a testimony for this idiom. I jut got a very good result in HSK3. It is thanks to my teacher Mandy, whom I adore for many years. She is devoted, intelligent and works at least as hard as I do to help me develop my Chinese. I thank Mandy with all my heart.

    Seffi Israel

  • Jean-luc 夏吕克

    Despite learning a new language as difficult as Chinese for an old folk like me is challenging, I think my company recognize I am making progress. And this just happens because I have an excellent teacher.I am very thankful of Hanbridge Mandarin having such outstanding Chinese teachers such as“郜老师”! It is because of you that I earned such a privilege from my company.In addition to these excellent Chinese lessons, thanks to Hanbridge Mandarin Chinese corner, I can now pay with “微信”. Each time I do shopping in Shenzhen, people are impressed and old “法国人” can master 微信 payment! “非常感谢” to Hanbridge and 郜老师!

    Jean-luc 夏吕克 France

  • Laura Espinosa

    I´m very glad about the whole course. My student service and my teacher, Lynn and Edith are very professional and hard workers. Edith is a patient, kind and helpful teacher; she had taught me a lot of new things I didn't know when I started with her. It has been a satisfactory experience very useful for learning and improving my Chinese. All the lessons have been very complete and now are a powerful tool for me. It has been a very pleasure to learn in Hanbridge Mandarin School. 非常感谢你们。

    Laura Espinosa Spain

  • Irene Smith

    I attended AP Chinese preparation course for three months in Hanbridge Mandarin School. Now I passed the AP Chinese test, I want to say thank you to my teacher Shasha.

    Irene Smith England

  • Kevin Turner

    I am enjoyed my AP Chinese class with Shiny so far, she´s dynamic, funny, and enthusiastic, well nothing to worry about, I have the feeling my Chinese level is becoming better. I am ready for the AP Chinese test now.

    Kevin Turner America

  • Caroline Green

    Edith is a very kind teacher and very attentive to my needs. Her English is fluent do her explanations are very clear. I was very satisfied to have her as my AP Chinese teacher.

    Caroline Green Canada

  • Danny Lee

    When I first joined Hanbridge Mandarin, I had a limited knowledge of Mandarin. I was assigned two excellent and capable teachers, Shasha Liu (刘莎莎) and Lilian Li (李艺妍), and under their tutelage completed HSK 3 within 40 lessons. Both are cheerful, professional and very approachable. They can relate to my learning requirements and apply different strategies to maximise my learning outcomes. I have just re-enrolled with Hanbridge, with Shasha Liu (刘莎莎) and Lilian Li (李艺妍) as my teachers, to continue my studies and prepare for the HSK 4 & 5 examinations.

    There is also an excellent student support service team, which is always ready to resolve any problems. Lynn (卢莹), in particular, is always ready to lend a hand.

    Danny Lee Australia

  • Sabri Oezge

    Lilian is a very fluent English speaker, which helps me a lot to follow the lessons efficiently. I really appreciate her customer orientation and her flexibility on the lesson times. Usually I book lessons on the weekend, never had a problem regarding this. We discussed that I may join the HSK2 test in a couple a months, which is a great motivation because it was also done early in the process. So overall I can highly recommend Hanbridge as a language school and especially Ms. Lilian Li as a trainer.

    Sabri Oezge France

  • Samuel Miller

    My daughter is 14 years old now and she has Mandarin class in her local school, but I want to give online tutorial lessons to her. First, I fear that she wouldn't like extra Mandarin class, but my daughter said she like this online class and she think the teaching method is very interesting, she thinks it can help her to learn Mandarin in her local school.

    Samuel Miller USA

  • Guillaume Vérité

    I’m satisfied with Hanbridge and with my teacher Jamila. It is very convenient because she speaks French so it’s more easy to work. I think the method is good. It’s not always easy to organize lessons because of my agenda but she is very comprehensive.

    Guillaume Vérité France

  • Andrew

    My teacher has been very patient with me in learning how to pronounce the Chinese words with the proper tones. My teacher is keeping me on pace to be able to complete the HSK #1 before I exit this position.The teacher and coordinator have been so helpful in making the lessons convenient. And the teacher is very helpful and allows me to deviate on interesting topics (learning new words and characters) during class instead of just sticking to a script. Class is one of my favorite parts of the week! Yes! The lessons are well-prepared, the teachers are very helpful, and the curriculum is very well-organized!

    Andrew US

  • Louis Marquez

    Learning Chinese language is good when you have a Chinese Teacher like Amy. She provides us. With an environment that makes learning comfortable and seemed easy. I would definitely endorse her to others who may want to learn Chinese language.

    Louis Marquez France

  • Mark Gapper

    I am an IT engineer, and was able to learn a lot of technical terms at Hanbridge Mandarin – words that are very useful in my work.

    Mark Gapper USA

  • Jessie Branham

    I am a kindergarten teacher with many Chinese students in my class. I came to Hanbridge Mandarin to learn how to communicate with these students and I can say “mission accomplished.”

    Jessie Branham Canada

  • Gregory Martin

    I will go to University in China very soon, and already learnt Mandarin in Hanbridge Mandarin for one year. Now I can read and understand Chinese news in newspaper and television, what's more, I make many Chinese friends. I always speak Chinese when I stay with them.

    Gregory Martin USA

  • Yahia Machida

    The Chinese Phonetics Course at Hanbridge Mandarin is very interesting. Before the class, I thought Chinese phonetics were pretty difficult, but now I have the skills to navigate Chinese and my language skills are much improved.

    Yahia Machida Japanese

  • Markis Ryabova

    I took the Chinese Phonetics Course at Hanbridge Mandarin. During the class, I studied pronunciation with excellent teachers and made huge improvements.

    Markis Ryabova Russia

  • Gilles Curtil

    When I came to Hanbridge Mandarin, I knew there are many types of Chinese characters but had no system to retain knowledge. With my teacher's help, I've learned to remember characters and more importantly, learned to learn to remember.

    Gilles Curtil France

  • Oliver Catlin

    I can study on-line or off-line, so if I am on business trip or away from home, I don’t have to miss a class. That’s a great benefit.

    Oliver Catlin USA

  • Jeffery Hackman

    I really like the topics studied in class as they are very practical and deal with modern situations. During the class, my teacher does a great job of correcting my pronunciation and mistakes. I’m learning so fast!

    Jeffery Hackman USA

  • Taylor LESTRAT

    The teachers’ explanation is very clear. It helps me to understand Chinese grammar and Chinese sentence structure.

    Taylor LESTRAT France

  • Lauren MORENO

    During the class, there are a lot of exercises my teacher uses to help me practice. These can help me to remember the structures and use them correctly.

    Lauren MORENO USA

  • Simon Maidment

    My teacher has given me some great tips to improve my listening comprehension and I’m excited to report that my level of listening is really improving.

    Simon Maidment UK

  • James LeBreton

    My Chinese colleagues all praise my improved Chinese ability. I’m really grateful to the teachers of Hanbridge Mandarin.

    James LeBreton Australia

  • Tarasenco

    There are a lot of systematic teaching methods used by the teaching staff at Hanbridge Mandarin. With their help, I’m now able read Chinese news everyday.

    Tarasenco Germany

  • Aida Maki

    The reading class is very interesting. After reading the articles, I discuss the implications with my teachers which allows my spoken Chinese ability to improve at the same time.

    Aida Maki Japan

  • Jackie

    My kids loved this camp! It was a good experience. They had a great time and learnt Chinese in a fun and efficient way without even realizing it. The activities they arranged were fascinating, like paper cuttings, calligraphy, painting, were their favorite ones. Thank you Hanbridge Mandarin teachers, you are all nice and polite. We will miss Hanbridge Mandarin very much in near further. Highly recommended!

    Jackie New York

  • Steven Su

    Hanbridge Mandarin’s immersion course offers a great way to learn Chinese language and culture. My listening, speaking and reading of Chinese all improved a great deal.

    Steven Su America

  • Myles Lyster

    I really appreciate my Chinese teachers a great deal. All of them were so kind, friendly and experienced. They made my month-long immersion course an unforgettable and wonderful Chinese learning journey.

    Myles Lyster Australia

  • Debra Smith

    I loved cooking since I was a child. When I met Chinese cuisine, I fell in love with it, but had no idea how to prepare any of the dishes I enjoyed. Mapo doufu is my favorite dish and also very easy to cook. In this program, I’ve learned all kinds of delicious tips and tricks.

    Debra Smith America

  • Kusum Rani

    In Canada, if I wanted to eat “Chinese” food, I had to go to a restaurant. However, after coming to China and eating authentic Chinese food, I decided to learn authentic methods preparing Chinese cuisine.

    Kusum Rani Canada

  • Triller Marko

    Traditional Chinese culture amazes me. I have already learned Chinese painting and calligraphy in my university. However, I wanted to learn some other traditional arts, like Kongfu, Tai chi and paper-cutting. My teacher has been teaching me these ancient arts and we’re both enjoying our time together.

    Triller Marko UK

  • Anthony DeGennaro

    I’m interested in Chinese traditional costumes, especially the embroidery on dresses - they are so beautiful and gorgeous! This class allows me to connect traditional costumes with the historical or dynastic period in China’s history giving me a more holistic view of this wonderful country.

    Anthony DeGennaro America

  • Mdm Chiew KF

    Every time when I saw a Chinese tea master preparing tea with skilled and graceful techniques behind the table, I was a little intimidated. However, I wanted to know more. My time at Hanbridge Mandarin has given me a better understanding of tea culture and a bigger appreciation for China.

    Mdm Chiew KF Singapore

  • Sue Huang

    After working for several years in China, I’m used to sipping excellent tea but had no idea how to make it or identify it. My friends at Hanbridge Mandarin proved to be excellent guides for my journey to becoming a “tea master.”

    Sue Huang America

  • Ladimelaxi

    This class gave me a great introduction to Chinese history and culture. Understanding the past allows me to prepare for the future.

    Ladimelaxi France

  • Giorgio Pelosi

    I first began learning a few Chinese words and sometimes was confused why some were used in certain places. Learning more about history and literature gives me the framework to understand not just the what, but the why.

    Giorgio Pelosi Russia

  • Dora

    Many of my clients are Chinese and I’ve always wanted to understand more about their belief structure to avoid embarrassing and costly mistakes. This class was just what I needed.

    Dora Germany

  • Napa Sekiew

    I have been in china for almost three years but haven’t been able to gain a great deal of knowledge about the deep aspects of culture here. This class brought my understanding to a new level.

    Napa Sekiew Hongkong

  • Tan Siao Min

    This course was really interesting and gave me lots of food for thought. It’s probably time to rearrange the furniture in my house!

    Tan Siao Min Singapore

  • Jgoya

    I’m very interested in Eastern medicine and thought and this course provided a great starting point for my first foray into deeper knowledge of the need for balance.

    Jgoya America

  • André & Dominique Ackermann

    I learned the origin of Chinese characters and the evolution of Chinese characters at Hanbridge Mandarin. Compared with before, I can now remember Chinese characters really well, because I understand the meaning of Chinese characters.

    André & Dominique Ackermann France

  • Bertrand Cheng

    I love painting of all types and learning to paint in a traditional Chinese style was a special treat. Thanks for the opportunity Hanbridge Mandarin!

    Bertrand Cheng America

  • Alex

    I’m not sure my paintings reflect it, but I think Chinese painting is beautiful. I’m excited to keep practicing.

    Alex America

  • Jeffrey Rowallan

    I’ve always been open to using Chinese medicine and this course gave me the confidence to seek alternative treatment here in the Middle Kingdom.

    Jeffrey Rowallan Italy

  • Dylan

    After a Chinese massage relieved my migraine a few months ago, I’ve been really interested in learning more about the benefits and types of Chinese medicine. This class was a great start.

    Dylan America

  • Hannah Gonzales

    Thanks to this class, my Chinese penmanship and understanding of the importance of Chinese characters has improved exponentially.

    Hannah Gonzales America

  • Scott Hubbard

    Chinese calligraphy is more than just learning to write: it’s an art form. I love combining communication and beauty.

    Scott Hubbard America

  • Robert Rice

    I believe the only way to really learn about China and understand its culture is to learn Mandarin. Learning Mandarin is an integral part of me reaching my professional goals, so I shopped around several language schools and found Hanbridge Mandarin to be the most professional, best equipped and possessing the most experienced teachers of all the available options. If you’re serious about learning Chinese, choose Hanbridge Mandarin.

    Robert Rice England

  • Thierry Duroy

    Studying at Hanbridge Mandarin has given me an opportunity to not just speak and understand Chinese, but also to read and write. The cultural activities offered by the school really allowed me to accelerate my learning progress and gain a deeper understanding of the culture. At Hanbridge Mandarin, I learned more than just how to use the Chinese language; I learned what it means to be Chinese.

    Thierry Duroy France

  • Aaron Catlin

    Hanbridge Mandarin has skilled teachers, professional methodology and a dedication to see their students succeed. Thanks to their guidance, I’ve advanced and improved my Chinese ability a great deal in a short amount of time. Hanbridge Mandarin is the real deal. I recommend them without reservation.

    Aaron Catlin USA

  • Colin May

    I came to Hanbridge Mandarin to learn some Chinese to improve my communication skills while living in China and they’ve far surpassed my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed my classes and Hanbridge Mandarin made learning the language fun. My teacher was professional and highly skilled but remained patient and used a great sense of humor to keep my progress on track. If success is your only option, Hanbridge Mandarin is your only choice.

    Colin May England

  • Takada Yoshihiko

    I arrived at Hanbridge Mandarin armed only knowing a small amount of Chinese and with a goal to learn enough to pass the HSK 4. Thanks to the professional teaching staff and excellent learning methodology, I’ve already passed the HSK 5 and will soon be prepared to pass the HSK 6 exam. Hanbridge Mandarin has exceeded my expectations, allowed me to achieve more than I’d expected and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Takada Yoshihiko Japan

  • Caroline Burland

    Hanbridge Mandarin has allowed me to fulfill several Chinese learning goals. It has allowed me to enrich my travel experiences by giving me insight into Chinese culture. My communication skills have increased, allowing me to gain better perspective on the world. My classes have been professional and excellent and I'm glad to recommend Hanbridge Mandarin to others.

    Caroline Burland France

  • Greg Low

    Learning Mandarin has been a passion of mine for the last few years. Learning any language is so much more than just learning language syntax and words; it’s about immersing yourself in the culture and understanding more about how people in other places think, along with learning so many new things about their way of life that is different to your own. I also wanted to not just learn but to measure my learning, so I decided to take the HSK exams. Last year I passed HSK 3 and my plan for this year is to try to pass HSK 4. I feel like I’m well on the path to doing so. Online Mandarin training direct from China has accelerated my learning significantly. This year, I’ve been studying with the team at Hanbridge and they’ve helped to keep my on track and learning rapidly. My goal of higher HSK levels is well in sight.

    Greg Low Australia

  • Ben & Meghan Bowser

    Hanbridge provided an ideal environment for us to take our first steps toward learning Mandarin. Our excellent teacher gave us the confidence and the tools to learn quickly and effortlessly. If you want to learn Mandarin quickly, Hanbridge is the place to go. We extend our sincere recommendation.

    Ben & Meghan Bowser Canada & USA

  • Seffi Golan

    I chose Hanbridge because they provide professional level language training in a warm and welcoming environment that makes learning easy. My excellent teachers were patient, kind and skilled. This school began to feel like home and I highly recommend you become part of the Hanbridge language learning family.

    Seffi Golan Israel

  • Kerstin Sandra Hoffmann

    I’m really impressed by the fantastic, professional and dedicated teaching staff at Hanbridge and am pleased to recommend this school as the best option to learn this challenging language.

    Kerstin Sandra Hoffmann Germany

  • André & Dominique Ackermann

    We very much appreciated our teacher’s professionalism as a Chinese language teacher for foreigners (her English and French language abilities were both helpful), her availability, flexibility and patience. We also are very grateful for the flexible scheduling options provided Hanbridge and heartily recommend their services.

    André & Dominique Ackermann France

  • Sylvain Serrano

    Nice lessons, very interesting to learn Chinese but with teacher's clear explanations, it is even better. Lot of expressions and ways of speaking/thinking are different in Chinese than in an EU language, these are difficult to understood without a henhao laoshi.

    Sylvain Serrano Sylvain Serrano

  • Halima ALNET

    My child is 11 years old. He didn't like to learn Mandarin before because he thought Chinese pronunciation is very hard. Now he learns Chinese Phonetics course and general Chinese course in Hanbridge Mandarin for 3 months, he is more and more love Mandarin. He said class content is very interesting. I think Hanbridge Mandarin teachers are very professional and they can catch kids' attention.

    Halima ALNET France

  • Patrice LESTRAT

    I like the Chinese classes, Wendy is very professional and efficient. Sometimes I'm tired and cantt think fast, excuse me. But it's really true that Wendy is a good teacher.

    Patrice LESTRAT France

  • Thomas FLAMENT

    I'm much more than satisfied with my teacher, the Chinese class and the Hanbridge management for the flexibility with my schedule. I really enjoy every class with Doris and our time sharing during the lessons, not only learning Chinese but also share Chinese and French culture and have a lot of fun at the same time.

    Thomas FLAMENT France

  • Kobayashi Takanori

    Thank you very much for your usual support. Shasha is a very good teacher for me. I really enjoyed my lesson. She can't speak Japanese but no problem.

    Kobayashi Takanori Japan

  • Annegret ROHDE

    I'd like to thank you for the possibility to learn a little bit your language and so many interesting things about your country. I'd like to thank especially Fifi for so informative and diversified lessons. I wish you and all your team members all the best for the future and a very good time. I hope I can continue my Chinese studies somewhere along the way.

    Annegret ROHDE Germany


    The first lesson with Lilian went well, I suspected she is a very good teacher and she was well aware of my level and the lesson where I stopped with Amanda. I am sure the lessons will continue smoothly in the future.

    Emilie SEGURA-VERDIER France

  • Ingrid Bartra Soto

    Thank you and I wish you a happy New year! I hope that my Chinese will be better this year, Amanda is a very nice teacher , she do the best for her Students, we like Amanda a lot.

    Ingrid Bartra Soto France

  • Laurence et CA LAGUNEGRAND

    You will understand that shū pín 姝 玭is a very good teacher. And her French is so good. What if I could speak mandarin as she speaks French !!!

    Laurence et CA LAGUNEGRAND France

  • Anthony MORENO

    Thank you for managing the fact that I'm going to have my chinese lessons. I already had my first with Fifi last evening and I was so happy to be her student. It was really interesting.

    Anthony MORENO France

  • Jonathan WHITEHEAD

    I would like to say we are very happy with Mandy as a teacher. I have tried to learn a few languages now and she is the only one who can stop me falling asleep during lessons! She is very pleasant, punctual and professional.

    Jonathan WHITEHEAD England

  • Fiona Tisdall Blake

    As always I am very happy with my teacher Kitty. I have no criticism of her teaching, she is an excellent teacher. I would give her an A for all the points in the form. I would rate the experience as excellent.

    Fiona Tisdall Blake Australia

  • Valerie de Charette

    My mother tongue is English.I can also speak French and Spanish.Chinese is my forth language.I like learning languages, and I want to learn more about Chinese culture. I had learned Chinese from other teachers in America before starting with Hanbridge. I think Hanbridge is very good because I much prefer Hanbridge's teaching approach. Instead of just learning little pieces or just learning small couple of words that the book teaches. My teacher gives me more words around one topic that I can understand a full conversation, then we practice...

    Valerie de Charette America

  • Sylvain JOUVE

    I came to Hanbridge to learn the Chinese language because I am interested in Chinese history and culture. I've learned a great deal and Hanbridge that has allowed me to further explore my interests.

    Sylvain JOUVE France

  • Charlotta Oberg

    My teacher Clarice is excellent, great pace and focus of lesson about daily courses, helps me get further without stress, encourages me all the way. The timing works for me. I have recommended Hanbridge to several friends and clients, and hope something good comes of it. Many thanks!

    Charlotta Oberg Australian

  • Yuka

    So far I'm satisfied with the daily course class. My teacher is really helpful and the way her teach is easy to understand. I feel very good.

    Yuka Japan

  • Mathew

    The Webex online class normally works well but disconnect occasionally, it’s better to use skype for backup. The teachers are fantastic. I would like to adjust the history course of Ming dynasty to some others in the future. I suggest you all communicate with students by Chinese including email; Chinese version website is also in need.

    Mathew America

  • Ayaka

    My teachers are great, wonderful. I just wish the teachers will use more of the vocabulary/sentence pattern that I previously learned in the News classes. Also, when I learn a new word I hope the teachers can give me few sentence examples too.

    Ayaka Canada


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  • Portugal +351
  • Puerto Rico +1
  • ‫قطر‬‎ +974
  • La Réunion +262
  • România +40
  • Россия +7
  • Rwanda +250
  • Saint-Barthélemy +590
  • Saint Helena +290
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis +1869
  • Saint Lucia +1758
  • partie française) +590
  • Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon +508
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines +1784
  • Samoa +685
  • San Marino +378
  • São Tomé e Príncipe +239
  • ‫المملكة العربية السعودية‬‎ +966
  • Sénégal +221
  • Србија +381
  • Seychelles +248
  • Sierra Leone +232
  • Singapore +65
  • Sint Maarten +1721
  • Slovensko +421
  • Slovenija +386
  • Solomon Islands +677
  • Soomaaliya +252
  • South Africa +27
  • 대한민국 +82
  • ‫جنوب السودان‬‎ +211
  • España +34
  • ශ්‍රී ලංකාව +94
  • ‫السودان‬‎ +249
  • Suriname +597
  • Swaziland +268
  • Sverige +46
  • Schweiz +41
  • ‫سوريا‬‎ +963
  • 台灣 +886
  • Tajikistan +992
  • Tanzania +255
  • ไทย +66
  • Timor-Leste +670
  • Togo +228
  • Tokelau +690
  • Tonga +676
  • Trinidad and Tobago +1868
  • ‫تونس‬‎ +216
  • Türkiye +90
  • Turkmenistan +993
  • Turks and Caicos Islands +1649
  • Tuvalu +688
  • U.S. Virgin Islands +1340
  • Uganda +256
  • Україна +380
  • ‫الإمارات العربية المتحدة‬‎ +971
  • United Kingdom +44
  • United States +1
  • Uruguay +598
  • Oʻzbekiston +998
  • Vanuatu +678
  • Città del Vaticano +39
  • Venezuela +58
  • Việt Nam +84
  • Wallis and Futuna +681
  • ‫اليمن‬‎ +967
  • Zambia +260
  • Zimbabwe +263
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