About Hanbridge Mandarin School

Where is Hanbridge Mandarin School?

Hanbridge Mandarin School's headquarters is in Shenzhen, China with branch campuses in Zhuhai and Chengdu.

What are the differences between the Hanbridge Mandarin program and others?

Mandarin language training is all we do. For more than ten years, we've been helping expatriates successfully learn Chinese as a leader in the field.
Unlike many technical companies that rely heavily on software, Hanbridge Mandarin's heart and soul is as a language school. Hanbridge Mandarin's proven teaching methodology and experienced teaching team combine to make us the best choice for your language learning experience.

What are your advantages over independent learning programs?

Mandarin is a tonal language, making it especially important to have immediate feedback from a native speaker. Hanbridge Mandarin utilizes advanced technology so that you can enjoy the best of all worlds; learning with the best language teachers, in LIVE virtual lessons, without leaving the comfort of your own home. Hanbridge Mandarin virtual classes are conducted via live video conferencing technology. Students can see the teacher through a web cam and can talk with the teacher using a headset & microphone.
Lesson material is presented via a multimedia application on each student's computer screen. Study materials include content that has been developed specifically for virtual learning by academic experts.
All Hanbridge Mandarin lessons are conducted virtual in small groups (4-8 students) or in private sessions (one-on-one). Classes are scheduled based on students' level, time zones and personal preferences.

What language courses do you offer?

Hanbridge Mandarin specializes in Mandarin language training. Our course offerings include but are not limited to: Conversational Mandarin, Business Chinese, Chinese for Children, Chinese Characters, Chinese Pinyin, Chinese for Travel and HSK test preparation Courses.

If I come to China, can I come to your school and learn Mandarin face to face?

Hanbridge has provided on campus Mandarin learning for more than a decade. You may take face to face classes at our Shenzhen, Zhuhai or Chengdu campuses.

How long will it take to become an advanced speaker in Mandarin (not fluent) using your program?

It depends on your current language level. Our teachers will assess your current level and propose a plan for you. In general, it takes 150- 250 hours to achieve a basic competency in Chinese.

What if I need additional assistance with my homework?

In addition to your weekly lesson, Hanbridge Mandarin has additional study tools available: Weekly personal session: a personal virtual meeting with the teacher during which the student can ask questions or seek clarification about the course material.
A 24/7 Question and Answer forum: for students to post inquiries and receive replies about course-related issues.
Homework checkup: Homework is checked by staff members and returned to the student via email or the Hanbridge Mandarin Learning System. In some cases, homework answers are also available for download.

Is the lesson schedule flexible?

When you sign up, you let us know your preferred time and we do our best to fit you into the time slot of your choice.
Once the course starts the schedule for group lessons does not change. However, if you prefer a more flexible schedule you may choose to sign up for private lessons. Private lessons can be adjusted on the fly to meet your needs.

What happens if I miss a lesson? Can a course be accessed through more than one computer?

Your username and password can be used on any computer meaning that you can connect to your lesson from any computer anywhere in the world.

How do I sign up for a course?

To sign up a course is simple: Go to our website at http://www.hanbridgemandarin.com/. First, choose your course under "Course Type". Then, choose the date and the time according to your plan.

What happens if I discover that the level I signed up for isn't right for me?

If you find the course level to be too easy or too difficult, you may transfer to a more suitable difficulty.

How does a live course work?

Hanbridge virtual courses are conducted via videoconference. You can hear and speak through microphone and speakers and actively participate in class. For group classes, there is additional interaction between students.

Do I need to be computer-proficient in order to participate in a course?

No need. Our learning system is designed for language learners ranging in age from 5- 80 years old. You don't have to be technical or computer-proficient to use this system. It's user friendly and easy. In addition, you can see a clear STEP-BY-STEP instruction at http://www.hanbridgemandarin.com/ to guide you through the whole process.
If you do hit a snag, our friendly IT support team is ready to help you anytime you need them.

Hanbridge Mandarin Teaching Team

Is it a real live teacher or a virtual teacher?

The classroom is virtual, the teacher is live. The backbone of the Hanbridge Mandarin system is our live teaching staff. Lesson content is delivered by voice, video and "shared whiteboard" technology.
Live video enables the student to see the teacher during the lesson, and the teacher can see every student who has a web cam (optional). Teacher and students speak using the microphones on their PC headsets.

How does Hanbridge choose teachers?

Hanbridge Mandarin has a strict policy when it comes to the teachers we hire. All instructors must:
Have obtained at least a Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree in language instruction;
Be native Mandarin speakers with standard pronunciation;
Be effectively bilingual in Chinese and at least one other language such as English, French, Japanese, etc.
Be committed to and enthusiastic about teaching;
Have a passion to help people learn Mandarin and gain a better understanding of Chinese culture.

Course Price

How much do your classes cost?

Our rates are competitive with other language schools in the area. Our students consistently rate our teaching style as the best they've experienced. We offer a number of packages to suit your needs and budget. As a general rule, the more classes you take, the better the price.
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Do you have any benefit for family members or friends?

Certainly. If you have friends that wish to take one of our courses, just leave their name & number with us and we will give them a call. If your friend(s) register for the course, you both will receive a 10% tuition discount.

Do you provide the electronic invoice?

Yes, an electronic invoice is ready upon receiving your payment. You can either save the invoice in your personal learning account or download it to your own computer.

About Online Operation

How to enter the virtual classroom?

Please click http://www.hanbridgemandarin.com/school/my/course/your-classroom

How to add WebEx to Chrome and enter the classroom successfully?

Please click http://www.hanbridgemandarin.com/basic-page/273

What are the features of Hanbridge's virtual classroom?

1. E-whiteboard
    Students and teachers can write, revise and see content in real time
2. Interactive Video & Audio
    All participants can see and hear all other students during class. Students and teachers can also upload and download video content.
3. Shareable Desktop Technology
    Teachers and students can share desktop views to facilitate better understanding.
4. Lessons Can Be Archived
    Each class can be saved, downloaded and reviewed at a later date.

Can I access the lesson through any operating system?

Yes. Hanbridge Mandarin Virtual classroom works on all platforms with high speed internet access: Windows, Mac, iOS or Android

I only have a microphone and not a webcam! Is this a problem?

No problem. Only a microphone is required.

How to apply for Hanbridge Mandarin free trial lesson?

Please click http://www.hanbridgemandarin.com/how-to-apply-for-a-free-trial-lesson

How to choose and cancel virtual course?

Please click http://www.hanbridgemandarin.com/school/course/book

How to pay the virtual course?

What credit cards do you accept to purchase Hanbridge Mandarin Course Online? Hanbridge Mandarin accepts all major international credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). Students can also use PayPal or transfer the money directly into the company’s bank account. Alternatively you are welcome to speak with an academic coordinate live talk so they can answer your questions and walk you through the procedure.

If you find the download is very slow or can not download the WebEx, choose the following links and download the WebEx:

Windows For Internet Explorer
Windows For Chrome & Firefox
For Mac

If you find the language is not English, please click the following link and find “Set Up -> Preferences”, change the language into English, then you enter the online classroom again, you will see the classroom in English.

Please click https://hanbridge.webex.com

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