Doing Business in China?

Your employees need to know two of the world's most important
languages: Mandarin and English.

Our Chinese and English corporate training programs give you and your employees the skills necessary to
succeed in China. Our program covers the essential language basics, common business practices and the
specialized vocabulary used in many multi-lingual business environments.

What skills will your employees acquire?

The ability to develop excellent rapport between
themselves and clients with a different native language

A better understanding of the similarities and differences
in Chinese and Western-style culture.

An overview and understanding of the most common
business language.

If necessary, we can tailor the experience to include
vocabulary unique to your business sector or industry.

What services do we provide you?

Customized learning program for employees’ spoken and
written Chinese.

Flexibility to create your own schedule.

Personalized curriculum for each employee based on
language level and job description.

Detailed online for each of your employees’ attendance
dates, progress and results of their Chinese proficiency


Contact Us

A Hanbridge Mandarin representative will visit you to discuss your company’s training needs, help identify language learning goals, and preview potential course plans. We will provide an assessment of employees’ language skills for appropriate coursework and customized materials.

To schedule a meeting at your office or training facility call 400-646-2202
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China: 400-646-2202

US & Canada: 1-800-348-2380

Our Corporate Clients Include

corporate clients

Our Corporating Training Program can be accomplished on campus, in your office or online.
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