chinese camp

Online Mandarin Summer CAMP 2021

In-depth Culture Exchange, Immersive Language Learning


Term 1 June 8-19, 2021

Term 2 June 22-July 3, 2021

Term 3 July 20 -31, 2021

Term 4 August 3-14, 2021

Lessons take place every day from Monday to Friday for two weeks (40 hours in total) per term.

Camp 1 Time

Beijing Time 20:00-24:00

Greenwich Mean Time 12:00-16:00

Western European Summer Time13:00-17:00

Eastern Daylight Time 09:00-13:00

Pacific Daylight Time 06:00-10:00

Camp 2 Time

Beijing Time 05:00-9:00(+1)

Greenwich Mean Time 21:00-01:00

Western European Summer Time22:00-02:00

Eastern Daylight Time 17:00-21:00

Pacific Daylight Time 14:00-18:00

In-depth Culture Exchange, Immersive Language Learning


    Chinese peers’ communication day
    On one of the learning days, local Chinese kids will join the camp. Together, Chinese students and non-Chinese students can practice language, share ideas and co-operate in tasks. This would be a great chance for language usage and building international friendship.

    Social observation project
    Each student will be assigned a local Chinese person from various backgrounds as an interviewee for the project. Student will need to do background research, draft an interview plan and learn to conduct an interview using a pyramid structure like a professional journalist. A short video covering the interview and the student’s social observation will be made as the final project.

    Festival-themed cultural lesson
    It is Chinese festival season during the camp weeks: Dragon Boat Festival and Midautumn Festival. We’ll learn about the festivals, do festival-themed handcraft and festival food cooking. e.g. Making Chinese bubble tea/ rice dumplings/mooncake/Dragon Boat Festival sachet/Chinese paper lanterns, etc.

    Experiencing local Chinese curriculum
    For intermediate and advanced level, some of the language lesson materials are selected from local Chinese text books by Ministry of Education, which will help push the learners’ Chinese proficiency to native level.


    For beginner Chinese learners /HSK 1-2

    1. To get the kids interested in learning Chinese through fun and interactive online lessons and activities.
    2. Introduction of Chinese characters with stories and pictures to increase their interest and understanding in Chinese characters
    3. Conduct basic Chinese daily conversations, and focus on listening and speaking
    4. Experience Chinese culture through culture-themed project lessons.

    Daily schedule

    Module Content
    Session 1(1 hour) Basic Chinese Nursery rhymes/Chinese songs Interactive lecture
    Session 2(1 hour) Language Activities Vocabulary, sentence building games and practice Conversation practice
    Picture-book reading and story-telling
    Themed language-learning games
    Session 3(1 hour) Chinese Culture Language and culture learning from cultural-learning content (videos/books)
    Session 4(1 hour) Culture Activities Small project: poster/card/mind map
    Themed handcraft
    Making Chinese pastry or dessert:

    For intermediate Chinese learners/HSK 3

    1. Conduct daily conversations and discuss familiar topics with confidence,focusing on language output
    2. Understand the logical structure of characters and expand character recognition and writing with stories and rules behind each component
    3. Increase vocabulary size through methods and clues to making new words with single characters and components.
    4. Learn about Chinese culture through culture-themed project lessons.

    Daily schedule

    Module Content
    Session 1(1 hour) Basic Chinese Interactive lecture
    Session 2(1 hour) Language Activities Vocabulary, sentence building games and practice
    Conversation practice
    Description games
    Film/animation dubbing
    Chinese character games
    Picture-book reading and story-telling
    Themed language-learning games
    Session 3(1 hour) Chinese Culture Language and culture learning from cultural learning content (videos/articles)
    Session 4(1 hour) Culture Activities Cultural topic discussion
    Cultural project: social observation and interview
    Themed handcraft
    Making Chinese pastry or dessert: making bubble
    tea/mooncakes/rice dumplings

    For: Chinese learner in advanced level/HSK 4 above

    1. Discuss various topics and express their ideas in accurate Chinese language, logically
    2. Read longer articles, narrate stories, and interact with a degree of spontaneity
    3. Write small essays and short stories
    4. Increase vocabulary size and be able to differentiate synonyms
    5. Learn about social trends in modern China and talk about current affairs with native Chinese people.

    Daily schedule

    Module Content
    Session 1(1 hour) Basic Chinese lesson Interactive lecture with themed language games and practice
    Session 2(1 hour) Chinese reading and writing R Read selected articles from Chinese local school textbook/classic work
    Chinese writing with similar structure and on similar topics
    Session 3(1 hour) Chinese culture Culture and llanguage learning from the cultural learning content (videos/articles)
    Session 4(1 hour) Culture activities Open discussion and debate on cultural topics
    Cultural project: social observation and interview
    Themed handcraft
    Making Chinese pastry or dessert: making bubble tea/mooncakes/rice dumplings

Q & A

1. How do I know which level my kid is in?
All the students will need to take an online assessment before the first learning day. They will be assigned to the appropriate camp and group.

2. How many students are there in one class?
There are 4-8 students in one class, which ensures each student can get enough attention from the teachers. If there are fewer than 4 students for a class, we will adjust the time and class with full communication. If a class cannot be opened due to insufficient number of students, Hanbridge Mandarin reserves the right to change and cancel the course.

3. What is online learning with Hanbridge Mandarin like?
You can find learning materials, lesson information, lecture notes and homework, as well as lesson recordings on the Hanbridge Mandarin online platform. Parents and students can easily trace progress and review the lessons. The online classroom enables the teachers to share lesson slides, videos and audio, making learning more dynamic and fun.

4. Is the course focused on the HSK exam?
The course is focused on the practical use of Mandarin and a fun cultural experience. We use HSK levels as one of the ways to differentiate groups in different Chinese levels.

5. What else do my kids need to do besides attending the online lessons?
We’ll provide materials in various forms (PDF, audio and video) for the students to preview and review the lessons. There will also be after-class tasks and plenty of supplementary content.

6. What is the activity box? What’s in it?
The activity box contains physical materials for activity lessons, including handcraft materials, Chinese painting materials and game materials.

7. What if I do not have time for the whole term?
You are welcome to join us with a reduced price when you cannot join a full term. For instance, it is $400 for joining for five days.

8. What if I’m not familiar with online learning?
A text or video version of the guidance of Hanbridge Mandarin online learning platform will be provided. We’ll also conduct equipment tests in advance to ensure everything is fine for the online lessons. You can always reach our service staff for help anytime.

9. What is the Final performance and presentation day like?
On the last day of the summer camp, students will put on a performance and present what they’ve learned and achieved. There will be an award ceremony following it.


$780 for one term
Including activity box, digital version of textbook/lecture handout/audio/videos/extra reading materials

Hanbridge Mandarin student discount:

Two terms discount:

Referral incentive:
reward for bringing in a new student.
The signed-up student can also get

Immersive language learning

Chinese peers’ communication day

Social observation project

Cultural project and handcraft

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Why choose Hanbridge Mandarin Language School?

Hanbridge provides one-stop Mandarin learning tailored for each individual’s needs and goals
Our popular Summer Program is offered in two of China’s most attractive cities,
ultra-modern Shenzhen and historic Cheng Du where program participants enjoy hospitable host families
and convenient transportation to and from our learning centers.

  • 10 Years

  • 200 Teachers

  • 30 Programs

  • 25000 Graduates

  • chinese camp 03 Hanbridge Mandarin School only hires the very best. Throughout our ten-year history, we have recruited and hired only experienced language teachers who have the experience and enthusiasm to make learning Chinese an adventure for children and teenagers. Learning is fun, and our camp will allow your children to grow exponentially in an environment that is safe, dynamic and educational.

    Experienced and Professional Staff

  • chinese camp 04 Camp runs Monday through Friday and children will participate in small groups where they receive individualized instruction and attention. Tailored to fit a participant’s language level and interests, lessons are age-appropriate, interactive and engaging.

    Intensive Chinese Classes

  • chinese camp 05 Learning Chinese is more than just language. Our Summer Camp introduces participants to a variety of traditional Chinese cultural activities like calligraphy, painting and paper cutting art; and traditional musical instruments and Chinese opera. In addition, campers will get to play one of China’s favorite games, ping pong! These activities bolster language learning through “hands-on”participation.

    Cultural Activities

  • chinese camp 06 Hanbridge Mandarin School holds Chinese Summer Camp in both Shenzhen and Chengdu. Shenzhen is China’s third largest city (just across the border from Hong Kong) and is a modern and thriving metropolis. Chengdu, in central China, is on of the most culturally rich and ancient cities in all of China and is home to the famous Panda Breeding Center.

    Two Great Chinese Cities to Choose From

  • chinese camp 07 Participants can choose to stay in the home of a welcoming Chinese family or can lodge at a comfortable hotel in either one of our city center locations. Hanbridge Mandarin School provides airport transfers, including pick-up upon arrival and drop-off for departure. We’ll keep in touch with parents, provide updates during the week and of course allow children to contact their parents directly should the need arise.

    Safe Accommodation and Transportation

  • chinese camp 08 Campers will receive a photo book commemorating their Summer Camp experience when the program comes to a close. However, the learning does not have to come to an end. Campers can continue their Mandarin lessons after returning home through our online Chinese course provided by a live teacher in our online classroom.

    Memories That Last

Fun, Dynamic and Experiential

chinese camp 16 chinese camp 66

Languge Camp in Summer and Winter

The Hanbridge Mandarin Language Camps run over Summer and Winter break every year, and we welcome
language learners at all levels to join us. During our camps, you will have the chance to meet lots of people with
similar interests to you and you’ll make lifelong friendships. Take a look at what students got up to at this year’s
summer camp. Our 2018 Winter Camp and 2019 Summer Camp are now open for registration.

chinese camp 64

Choose a program that best suits you

Daytime Class Only Chinese with Homestay Chinese with Dormitory Family Summer Program


Our Day Camp includes Chinese classes, afternoon activities and lunch. It runs daily from Monday to Friday (9:00am - 4:30pm).

Our Homestay program is designed specifically for students who want an immersive language experience living with a Chinese family after school.

Our program with dormitory give you options on either sharing a room with other classmates or reserve you a private space during your study in our program.

We welcome parents to join this program to view any of the classes and even interact with your children. Or you can contact us to discuss designing a custom program for you and your family and friends. This flexible program can be tailored to fit around your schedule and any activities that you have planned for your trip to China.
chinese camp 17

Language course




Learning material












Afternoon tea






Homestay family

School Accomodation



School's activities only


Entrance ticket


School's activities only


Price based on USD currency



Daytime Class Only

Camp with Homestay or Dormitory


One week/person

One week Two weeks

Three weeks Four weeks

Returning participants can enjoy an unconditional 5% discount.

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Accommodations chinese camp 16

Hanbridge understands that people have different needs and comfort levels for daily living,
so we can assist in the following arrangements.

  • Homestay

  • Apartment

  • Shared living

  • Hotel

Our Program Centers
Choose from two distinct and exciting program locations

chinese camp 64


chinese camp 67

Modern China at its best

Shenzhen, a vibrant economic hub in South China just across the border from Hong Kong, is home to more than 10 million people. It’s not only the city of gleaming skyscrapers a center of commerce, but also a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers. With an international airport as well as a bustling ferry terminal providing service to Hong Kong and Macau, Shenzhen offers a menu of gastronomic, theme-park, entertainment, and retail adventures for all tastes.

Why Choose Shenzhen for A Winter Camp

Shenzhen’s tropical climate makes it the perfect destination for a winter camp. With continually warm weather, students can escape the harsh winters of their home countries and enjoy a warm break away. But this isn’t a put-your-feet-up kind of break; in fact, the cities booming electronics industry has turned Shenzhen from a small fishing village into a bustling centre of commerce in just 35 years. So, if you’re a bit of a tech-guru or interested in gaming and the latest phones and laptops, then Shenzhen really is the place to be! This growth has caused many people to migrate to Shenzhen and there is now an amazing selection of food from across China all in one city. Staying in Shenzhen, students will have the opportunity to taste everything China has to offer. What’s more, if Hong Kong is on the agenda, there are fantastic transport links between the two cities, with a new high-speed train service taking you from Futian District to central Hong Kong in just 15 minutes.

chinese camp 65


chinese camp 68
Chengdu is a national treasure and panda’s hometown.

With a recorded history dating back to the 4th century B.C., Cheng Du offers a variety of attractions. Arguably the most popular is the panda bear reserve on the forested edge of the city. Sichuan Opera featuring the astonishing face-changing antics of highly- skilled actors. Cheng Du also is appreciated for its easy-going tea culture and the locals’ passion for playing mahjong. Then, of course, there is the fiery Sichuan cuisine! Further, Cheng Du features excellent museums and archeological sites, as well as art and cultural events and activities – along with historic temples and monasteries where Taosim and Buddhism converge. Criss-crossed by the Jin, Fu, and Sha rivers, Cheng Du covers a total area of 12.3 thousand square kilometers (4,749 square miles) with a population of over 14 million.

Returning participants can enjoy an unconditional 5% discount.
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Summer/Winter Camp Schedule and Activities

The day starts with classroom lessons with special focus on a theme. Activities are planned to support the
lessons so that vocabulary and conversations taught in the morning are used and practiced.
The duration of the program is from one week to four weeks. However, most students choose two to three
weeks for this program. Below is a typical schedule and arrangement for a two-week program.
Summer Program Terms & Conditions

Center available (Chengdu) 15th July,2019 - 11th August,2019
D1Arrival-Airport pickup and check in with dormitory
D2Placement assessment,ice-breaking and lessonCity tourWelcome dinner
D3Chinese language courseChinese calligraphy and practiceFree Time
D4Chinese language courseIntroduction of Tai Chi and practiceChinese corner
D5Chinese language courseTour to Qingyanggong- the Daoist templeFree Time
D6Chinese cooking class Shopping, DIY cooking or barbecue and enjoy meal
D7Chinese language courseIntroduction to Chinese chess/Go/MahjongChinese movie night
D8Chinese language & Chinese songSong practice at KTVFree time
D9Chinese language courseChinese handicraftsChinese corner
D10Panda breeding base (whole day)
D11Chinese language course Chinese painting and practiceFree time
12Chinese cooking classIntroduction to Sichuan OperaHot pot and enjoy face-changing performance
D13Chinese language course Visit local night market – learn the art of bargaining.
D14Chinese language courseDeparture-check out and to the airport
Center available (Shenzhen) 10th June,2019 - 16th August,2019
D1Placement assessment, ice-breaking and lessonCity tourWelcome dinner
D2Chinese language courseChinese calligraphy and practiceFree Time
D3Chinese language courseIntroduction of Tai Chi and practiceChinese corner
D4Chinese language courseTour to Lianhua mountainFree Time
D5Chinese cooking class Shopping, DIY cooking or barbecue and enjoy meal
D6Free time
D7Free time
D8Chinese language course Chinese handicraftsChinese corner
D9Chinese language course Introduction to Chinese chess/Go/MahjongChinese movie night
D10Chinese language course Chinese painting and practiceFree time
D11Chinese language & Chinese songSong practice at KTVHot pot and enjoy face-changing performance
D12Chinese cooking classVisit local night market – learn the art of bargaining.
D13Departure-check out and to the airport

More about Hanbridge Program

  • chinese camp 69

    Cultural immersion

  • chinese camp 70

    Daily language use

  • chinese camp 71

    Fun and dynamic classroom
    instruction combined with

  • chinese camp 72

    Field trips and activities to support language and culture lea

More Details about Hanbridge’s Dynamic Summer Program

chinese camp 36

Language class

Listening / Speaking / Reading / Writing / Role-play / Presentation / Debating

Chinese culture & traditional arts

Paper cutting / Calligraphy / Kung Fu / Food and cooking / Tea ceremony / Chinese festivals and holidays

Outdoor activities and field trips include

Museum & Art gallery / Dafen Painting Village / Dameisha Beach / Luohu night market / Chinese ethnicities and historic sites / Panda breeding base (Cheng Du only) / Local school visit / Volunteer in local community / Sports and games

  • chinese camp 73
  • chinese camp 74
  • chinese camp 75
  • chinese camp 76
  • chinese camp 77
  • chinese camp 78
  • chinese camp 79

Returning participants can enjoy an unconditional 5% discount.

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