The best place to learn Chinese is in China. The bad news is it isn't always possible to move here to study. But the
good news is you can enjoy easy and fun Chinese learning online face-to-face in a virtual classroom with
our experienced teachers.

Our Advantages

Hanbridge Mandarin online teaching
  • Hanbridge Mandarin Virtual Classroom

    Learn Chinese online with live, professional and experienced teachers – native speakers with college degrees in language teaching.

  • Multimedia Teaching

    Our video, audio and e-whiteboard technology makes taking classes across the world feel like across the table.

  • Abundant Curriculum

    Hanbridge Mandarin covers all areas of Chinese language and we are equipped to teach you any content you require.

  • Customized Learning

    We custom build your study plan and provide personal service.

  • Buy with Confidence

    Secure online payments and a risk-free refund policy.

Three Online Class Options

Hanbridge Mandarin offers three class options: private, group and language coaching. You can enjoy any course with
native Chinese teachers in a relaxing and positive Chinese learning environment.

  • one on one teaching

    One-on-One Class

    A private class provides a student with the most individualized curriculum and learning tools. The teacher's full attention is focused on you, and you can get immediate and effective feedback to help you can make progress quickly.

  • one on one teaching

    Group Class

    Taking an online class as part of a group can be one of the best way to study Chinese online.Group Chinese learning provides many opportunities to interact and learn from others successes and setbacks.

  • one on one teaching

    Language Coaching

    A language coach can be an invaluable tool on your journey toward fluency. A coach offers help and practice in the areas of language in which you struggle the most. Through drills and repetition, a coach can be a catalyst for rapid improvement.

Learn in Virtual Classroom VS Learn on Skype

  • Comparison

    Virtual Classroom


  • Live teacher online

  • Video & Audio function

  • Real-time interaction

  • Shareable desktop

  • Anytime anywhere

  • e-Whiteboard

  • Save class notes and discussions

  • Playing multimedia courseware

  • All participants can write, revise content

  • Lesson video recorded for review

  • Schedule & cancel lesson online self service

  • Check the learning process


Students Enjoy Hanbridge Mandarin's Online Learning

  • Kellar (US) Traveller

  • My teacher Clarice is excellent, great pace and focus of lesson about daily courses, helps me get further without stress, encourages me all the way. The timing works for me. I have recommended Hanbridge Mandarin to several friends and clients, and hope something good comes of it. Many thanks!

    Australia | Charlotta Oberg

    So far I'm satisfied with the daily course class. My teacher is really helpful and the way her teach is easy to understand. I feel very good.

    Japan | Yuka

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