HSK Test Preparation

China’s Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi(HSK) is a standardized Chinese proficiency test recognized by governments and corporations worldwide. It’s an international standardized exam that evaluates the Chinese language abilities of non-native Chinese speakers.

Hanbridge Mandarin offers one of the leading HSK preparations courses with an exceptional record of student pass rates.

Native teachers with expertise in HSK examinations will assist your journey to achieving HSK certification and speed your progress to Chinese Mandarin Proficiency.

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What Can Hanbridge Do for You

  • Personalized HSK lessons tailored towards your existing level.
  • Online and onsite training sessions.
  • Around the clock schedule and online booking within your account.
  • Accelerate your vocabulary, listening and writing knowledge.
  • Large database of content regarding HSK from level 1 – 6.
  • Free service for students to register the HSK test

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HSK Levels

While Hanbridge Mandarin's HSK Test Prep courses are divided into 6 levels in accordance with the levels of HSK test,and these courses can be tailored to your level and individual needs.

Intensive classes enhance your learning experience and equip you with the necessary skills for the test. We provide scientific and effective tutorials and training for you to score your best.

  • HSK Level 1

    HSK Level 1 The 40-minute HSK Level I test is for those who can understand very simple Chinese, including greeting, introduction, the expression of age and number, time and dates, directions and so on. There’s no requirement in character reading. Hanbridge Mandarin will help you grasp the basic vocabulary, phrases and sentence structure in basic and common Chinese. You will be able to meet the basic needs for communication.

  • HSK Level 2

    HSK Level 2 Focusing on listening and reading comprehension, the 55-minute HSK Level II test is intended for those who can read Chinese pinyin and understand a variety of simple phrases. At Hanbridge Mandarin, instruction will provide learners with a grasp of basic communicate about routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information. Learners will be introduced to some common topics in daily life and learn up to 300 words, as well as basic grammar.

  • HSK Level 3

    HSK Level 3 The 90-minute HSK Level III exam adds writing to the test scenario which is targeted to those who can answer simple questions with short sentences on familiar topics. To prepare for it, learners at Hanbridge Mandarin will be introduced to intermediate-level communication for personal and professional life, as well as travel, and learn up to 600 words. Students will continue to build on their understanding of Chinese grammar and be able to write simple sentences in pinyin with sample vocabulary. At 105 minutes, the HSK Level IV test is intended for those who can easily communicate in Mandarin across all aspects of their daily lives. Learners will be introduced to many social and informal situations and learn up to 1200 words and some basic grammar points for listening, speaking and writing. Students should be able to converse easily with native Chinese speakers at this level.

  • HSK Level 4

    HSK Level 4 At 105 minutes, the HSK Level IV test is intended for those who can easily communicate in Mandarin across all aspects of their daily lives. Learners will be introduced to many social and informal situations and learn up to 1200 words and some basic grammar points for listening, speaking and writing. Students should be able to converse easily with native Chinese speakers at this level.

  • HSK Level 5

    HSK Level 5 The HSK Level V test lasts for 125 minutes and is for those with the ability to communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers. The Hanbridge Mandarin test preparation training will introduce learners to 2500 new words. In addition, students will be introduced to reading Chinese newspapers and magazines. Combined with further grammar instruction, the training prepares students to make a formal speech in Chinese.

  • HSK Level 6

    HSK Level 6 This test takes 140 minutes and is focused on those who can read Chinese newspapers and magazines. Learners in the test preparation course will gain a deeper insight into Chinese culture and traditional customs and learn up to 5000 words and grammar points. Approaching language mastery at this level, students will be able to easily comprehend written Chinese and spoken information and be able to effectively express themselves in Chinese, both orally and on paper.

HSK Mock Test Now

2021 HSK Test Dates

2021 HSK
Test Dates
Deadline for Registration Date of Results Announced
Paper-based Internet-based Paper-based Internet-based
Jan 9 (Sat) Dec 13, 2020 Dec 30 , 2020 Feb 9 Jan 25
Feb 6 (Sat) Jan 10 Jan 27 Mar 13 Mar 1
Mar 7 (Sun) - Feb 25 - Mar 22
Mar 20 (Sat) Feb 21 Mar 10 Apr 20 Apr 5
Apr 10 (Sat) Mar 14 Mar 31 May 17 Apr 26
May 15 (Sat) Apr 18 May 5 June 15 May 31
June 19 (Sat) May 23 June 9 July 19 July 5
July 18 (Sun) June 21 July 8 Aug 18 Aug 2
Aug 22 (Sun) July 26 Aug 12 Sept 22 Sept 6
Sept 11 (Sat) Aug 15 Sept 1 Oct 18 Sept 27
Oct 17 (Sun) Sept 20 Oct 7 Nov 17 Nov 1
Nov 6 (Sat) - Oct 27 - Nov 22
Nov 20 (Sat) Oct 24 Nov 10 Dec 20 Dec 6
Dec 5 (Sun) Nov 8 Nov 25 Jan 5, 2022 Dec 20

Covid-19 updates: Tests might be cancelled or changed due to different circumstances of each test center. You will be notified for any changes after registration. You can aslo call the specific test center to check if the tests are running as normal before you register.
The release date of the results will be postponed by one week because of the holiday.

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  • What is HSK?

    HSK is an internationally recognized standard examination in China called the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. Otherwise known as the Chinese Proficiency Test, it recognizes and certifies nonnative speakers in the Mandarin language.
  • Who needs to take HSK test?

    Companies or professional industries and even universities that require Mandarin language skills will accept the HSK certificate as a proven level of attainment in the Mandarin language.

    Whether you wish to study in China, enjoy a gap year or foreign exchange program, and start a new career in some of the world’s leading companies in China or even open doors and opportunities in Asia, an HSK certificate will boost your credentials for prospective employers and a recognized certificate of Mandarin language proficiency.

  • What else benefits so I have to obtain HSK score?

    Successfully obtaining an HSK certificate adds critical points to the visa application form when you visit China whether for business, studying or professional career. Here are the scores and credits. See how much you can get.


  • Where is the examination held?

    Test Centers can be found all over the world in many countries.

    HSK Test Centers
    America (PaUnited KEurope (R - U)
    America (MouAsia (A - H)
    America (Mid-AtlAustralia and New ZAsia (I)
    America (New EnEurope (FAsia (J - K)
    America (East North CeEurope (GeAsia (L - M)
    America (West North CeEurope (RAsia (N - S)
    America (East South CeEurope (Asia (T - V)
    America (West South CeEurope (Asia (Korea)
    America (South AtlEurope (Asia (Thailand)
    Caribbean, Central America, South AAfrica

  • How long will it take me to achieve the HSK levels?

    Depending on your current level and target you want to reach and learning capacity. For HSK 1 it will take a few weeks to learn 150 words and in some cases a few days for rapid learners.

    In order to reach the maximum level (HSK 6) it would take roughly around 2 years with daily practice on average. However, the most successful student in Hanbridge Mandarin school spent 10 months to reach the highest level from zero level.

    Try the mock test to see your level. [ 模拟考试链接表格? ]

  • What are Hanbridge Mandarin teachers like?

    All HM teachers are certified teacher holders of minimum BA and over 40% have masters degrees. They are all native Chinese and bilingual speakers. All teachers speak high standard Mandarin language. Friendly and professional they cater to your progress and action plan.
  • What’s the difference between your course and free courses?

    We absolutely support free online materials providing language access to all and helping to spread the love of language learning and Chinese culture. As free materials can give you a basic concept of the structure of Chinese, it is too fragmented to provide a school like learning environment to build the habit of learning. A fully structured course would benefit by working around your current vocabulary and fluency. Therefore having that 1-1 support and learning platform to track your learning progress would enhance your ability to master the language faster and more effectively.

    We are dedicated to bridging the culture diversity all over the world and as Han people we welcome everybody with the same open arms. Hanbridge Mandarin, since 2008 have helped 1000’s of students to achieve their Chinese language goals and certifications. By providing full comprehensive course materials, dedicated professional teachers and convenience, we are one of the leading Mandarin institutions and dedicated to continuing bridging people for next decade.

  • Do you have any Discount?

    Discounts vouchers are available to you upon successfully passing the HSK test. Allowing you have the flexibility to either continue HSK preparation courses or online educational tools provided by Hanbridge Mandarin. Check our course consultant for the detail ( study@hanbridgemandarin.com )
  • Is there any refund policy?

    Hanbridge Mandarin entails professional courses that are only available to paid users due to extensive research and interaction involved with each student. If you would like to check out our free articles that contain an abundance of information on learning Mandarin please head to [link 这里链接我们resource里面页面]. For specific courses, we can offer you a free trial to experience our live 1-1 training before you decide to continue with the course.
  • Can I meet your teachers in person?

    Yes! You are welcome to meet any of our teachers in person if you wish to do so. Our teachers are all China natives and reside in China. If you ever pass by Shenzhen, you are always welcome to come for a drink and a chat and meet our team in person.
  • What are the pass rates for the exam?

    The passing score for the exam is

    120 out of potential 200 points for HSK 1 and 2.

    180 out of potential 300 points for HSK 3 and 4 and 5.

    There is no pass threshold for HSK 6 and therefore depends on the requirements of prospective employers or universities.

  • If I failed to pass, can I retake another exam?

    Absolutely, there is no limit for taking the exam. When you eventually pass the exam and obtain the certificate, you could proudly produce it to prospective employers and have the utmost confidence.
  • Can you help me book the HSK exam?

    Yes if you require assistance with your application, please contact one of our course consultants who can advise on dates, locations, and exam application filling. Whilst engaging in one of the HSK preparation courses, your course consultant will also help with the exam applications.

See What Our Students Say About Us

  • Seffi Golan

    Since childhood my mother, a teacher herself, used to encourage me in hard learning times. She said: there is no bad pupil for a good teacher. I am a testimony for this idiom. I jut got a very good result in HSK3. It is thanks to my teacher Mandy, whom I adore for many years. She is devoted, intelligent and works at least as hard as I do to help me develop my Chinese. I thank Mandy with all my heart. 

  • Andrew US

    My teacher has been very patient with me in learning how to pronounce the Chinese words with the proper tones. My teacher is keeping me on pace to be able to complete the HSK #1 before I exit this position.The teacher and coordinator have been so helpful in making the lessons convenient. And the teacher is very helpful and allows me to deviate on interesting topics (learning new words and characters) during class instead of just sticking to a script. Class is one of my favorite parts of the week! Yes! The lessons are well-prepared, the teachers are very helpful, and the curriculum is very well-organized! 

  • Danny Lee

    When I first joined Hanbridge Mandarin, I had a limited knowledge of Mandarin. I was assigned two excellent and capable teachers, Shasha Liu (刘莎莎) and Lilian Li (李艺妍), and under their tutelage completed HSK 3 within 40 lessons. Both are cheerful, professional and very approachable. They can relate to my learning requirements and apply different strategies to maximise my learning outcomes. I have just re-enrolled with Hanbridge, with Shasha Liu (刘莎莎) and Lilian Li (李艺妍) as my teachers, to continue my studies and prepare for the HSK 4 & 5 examinations.

    There is also an excellent student support service team, which is always ready to resolve any problems. Lynn (卢莹), in particular, is always ready to lend a hand. 

  • Greg Low Australia

    Learning Mandarin has been a passion of mine for the last few years. Learning any language is so much more than just learning language syntax and words; it’s about immersing yourself in the culture and understanding more about how people in other places think, along with learning so many new things about their way of life that is different to your own. I also wanted to not just learn but to measure my learning, so I decided to take the HSK exams. Last year I passed HSK 3 and my plan for this year is to try to pass HSK 4. I feel like I’m well on the path to doing so. Online Mandarin training direct from China has accelerated my learning significantly. This year, I’ve been studying with the team at Hanbridge and they’ve helped to keep my on track and learning rapidly. My goal of higher HSK levels is well in sight. 

  • Takada Yoshihiko Japan

    I arrived at Hanbridge Mandarin armed only knowing a small amount of Chinese and with a goal to learn enough to pass the HSK 4. Thanks to the professional teaching staff and excellent learning methodology, I’ve already passed the HSK 5 and will soon be prepared to pass the HSK 6 exam. Hanbridge Mandarin has exceeded my expectations, allowed me to achieve more than I’d expected and I can’t recommend them highly enough. 

  • Caroline Green

    Edith is a very kind teacher and very attentive to my needs. Her English is fluent do her explanations are very clear. I was very satisfied to have her as my AP Chinese teacher.

  • Kevin Turner

    I am enjoyed my AP Chinese class with Shiny so far, she´s dynamic, funny, and enthusiastic, well nothing to worry about, I have the feeling my Chinese level is becoming better. I am ready for the AP Chinese test now.

  • Laura Espinosa

    I´m very glad about the whole course. My student service and my teacher, Lynn and Edith are very professional and hard workers. Edith is a patient, kind and helpful teacher; she had taught me a lot of new things I didn't know when I started with her. It has been a satisfactory experience very useful for learning and improving my Chinese. All the lessons have been very complete and now are a powerful tool for me. It has been a very pleasure to learn in Hanbridge Mandarin School. 非常感谢你们。

  • Jeffery Hackman

    I really like the topics studied in class as they are very practical and deal with modern situations. During the class, my teacher does a great job of correcting my pronunciation and mistakes. I’m learning so fast!

  • Irene Smith

    I attended AP Chinese preparation course for three months in Hanbridge Mandarin School. Now I passed the AP Chinese test, I want to say thank you to my teacher Shasha.


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