How to Write a Chinese Resume
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Want to work in China, but not sure where to begin when writing your Chinese resume? This article provides you with both general tips as well as specific tips for Chinese CV to Chinese companies/employers. Hopefully it means you won't have to stare at a blank page much longer.

An effective resume will quickly highlight who you are, where you can be reached, and information about your most recent educational or training experiences. Adapting your resume for China is important but not a difficult task. It can be similar to any other resume you write, without the requirement of huge changes. There are no strict rules on resumes, but typically resumes in 1-2 pages are usually welcomed(If you need to submit two copies of your CV, one in English and one in Chinese, it can be 4 pages in total).

1. Personal Information

personal information in Chinese resume

Here is a big difference about personal information between cv in English and cv in Chinese. On a resume for China, recruiters would like to see much more personal information, such as full name, gender, date of birth, a recent headshot, address, contact information like Phone number and email address. What have to be mentioned is that you should also include your marital status, the number and ages of your children.

Self-Evaluation is an indespenable part in Chinese CV. You should give a brief introduction to yourself and why you should be hired for this job

2. Work Experience

work experience in Chinese CV

You should list your work experience in reverse chronological order, with the latest first.

The experience should conclude information like job title, company name, duration, as well as the job responsibities.

It would a surplus if you could describe the successful projects experiences and the skills you got from the project.

3. Education Background

education experience in Chinese resume

Put your education experience here, from your highest education to high school, concluding information: degree, duration, major, name of the university. Awards you have received or achievements you have obtained during your education or previous jobs.

4. Language Skills

language skills in Chinese resume

Another tip for how to write a curriculum viate in Chinese is to conclude your Language skills, such as your Chinese level. Please do not simply mention it's poor or elementary.

5. Project Experience/Achievement

This part is quite important if you are seeking for jobs in Internet industry. This will impress the recruiters if you have experience in successful project. Relevant data should be included, too. It's more likely that you will receive a call inviting you for an interview.

Don'ts when formatting your resume

  1. Font size: Never lesson than 10, otherwise it would be a challenge for the HR officiers.
  2. Font Style: avoid some art fonts, Times New Roman is recommended.
  3. CV pagination: The resume should be no longer than 2 pages. 1 page will be typically enough, except you have 10+ years' experience.
  4. Avoid too many colors: 2 colors in the whole CV maximum.
  5. CV File format: Never save your CV in Microsoft Word document, because there are many file extensions for word file. Save it in pdf file is a good choice.

Tips: Change your CV name to more formal file when sending your resume. E.g. Full Name+ Resume/CV+ company name (Optional)

Chinese Resume Sample

To make things easier for you to learn how to write a CV in Chinese, we've provided sample resumes in English and Chinese (both in Word .doc format); right click and select "Save link as…" to save them to your computer. Feel free to use and customize them to match the job requirements !

Useful Chinese words and phrases in Chinese CV





gèrén xìnxī

Personal information


gōngzuò jīnglì

Working experience


jiāoyù bèijǐng






huòjiǎng qíngkuàng



tècháng àihào

Specialty and hobbies


tuījiàn xìn

Reference letter

A good resume is the key to successful job, hope you could spend a little time to prepare it carefully and seize you chance. Are you ready to begin re-editing your resume for China? Take action now. If you would like to get help from your Chinese CV, please feel free to comment below.

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