Chinese Characters for Happiness
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Chinese Characters for happiness

Happiness refers to an inner feeling of joyful, peaceful and satisfied state of mind. It is plentiful harvest and a way of expression. You will be energetic and with smile on your face when you feel happy.

Happiness comes from beautiful nature of each creature. We own the most happiness in our childhood because of the innocence. Happiness is the feelings about the environment surrounded and even the whole world; it makes our life vivid and fulfilled.

How to express happiness in Chinese? There are many words and phrases to do that, however, today we are happy to help you with you on the journey of Chinese learning.

Chinese synonym words of happiness:

  • 高兴(Gāoxìng)
  • 开心(Kāixīn)
  • 兴奋(Xīngfèn)
  • 愉悦(Yúyuè)
  • 欢乐(Huānlè)
  • 欢快(Huānkuài)
  • 欢喜(Huānxǐ)
  • 喜悦(Xǐyuè)
  • 囍(双喜)

1. Happiness: 高兴

高兴 Gāoxìng - glad; Happy; cheerful; delighted; to be happy to


Wǒ jīntiān hěn gāoxìng


I feel happy today.

2. Happiness: 开心

开心 kāixīn - happy; Have fun; be joyful


Jīntiān lǎoshī biǎoyángle wǒ, wǒ hěn kāixīn.


I feel very happy because my teacher praised me today.

3. Happiness: 兴奋

兴奋 xīngfèn - excited;


Bàba gěi wǒ mǎile diànnǎo, wǒ xīngfèn jíle.


My dad bought me a computer, I am very excited.

4. Happiness: 愉悦

愉悦 yúyuè - Joyful; Cheerful; delighted; very pleased


Wǒ xīwàng zìjǐ kěyǐ yúyuè de dùguò měi yītiān


I hope I can be joyful every day.

5. Happiness: 喜悦

喜悦 xǐyuè - joy; Joy and happiness; joyful and happy


Wǒmen huáizhe xǐyuè de xīnqíng qù jiāoyóu


We are so happy for going on a picnic.

6. Happiness: 欢乐

欢乐 huānlè - joy; Happiness; merriments


Huānlè de shíguāng zǒng shìguò de hěn kuài.


Happy time always goes fast.

7. Happiness: 欢快

欢快 huānkuài - spiritually elevated; Cheerful and exuberant


Wǒ xǐhuān tīng huānkuài de yīnyuè


I like to listen to cheerful music.

7. Happiness: 喜,双喜

- Double happiness 
This is a traditional Chinese symbol for wedding decoration, must be printed in red color.

In fact to be happy is very easy if we always keep a good and positive mood. Do you want to learn more Chinese characters? Try a free 1-on-1 live Mandarin lesson now.

Lastly I would like to share some tips for gaining happiness.

  • With goal in our life
  • Keep smiling
  • Share happiness with others
  • Keep the childlike innocence
  • Be nice to anybody
  • Be humorous
  • Willing to forgive
  • Be confident

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