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Normally we use input software to type Chinese characters which is researched and developed from 1980. It’s started from single character input to double words input and then a sentence input. There are many input software nowadays and two ways of them are well known, one is by Chinese pinyin, the other is by Chinese character strokes.

1. Type Chinese characters by Pinyin on PC and mobile phone

This method is for those people good at Chinese pinyin. Mobile phone and pc share the same way of pinyin input. Most of the people would like to use this way. For those who know how to pronounce Chinese characters is very easy to learn how to type by pinyin. For example, if you want to type 我爱中文, you can type in pinyin “wǒ ài zhōng wén”,  it will be Chinese characters accordingly. Don't know pinyin but want to try this method? Here to learn Chinese pinyin.

2. Type Chinese characters by stroke on PC

We usually call it “Wubi” input. It is a typical fractal code input method. This is not an easy way input as pinyin, since it has a rule to follow; we need to keep the rule in mind. If you obtain the method of input, you can type any words even you don’t know how to pronounce the words. To use this method, you should learn Chinese character stroke order first.

Words root of Wubi input rule:

wu bi
 For example, if you want type “我” by wubi, you only need type by letter “q”

3. Type Chinese characters by stroke in mobile phone

Wubi is not used in mobile phone, but we can still type by strokes. They are represented by numbers. For example,
Number 1 for horizontal (一 )
Number 2 for vertical (丨)
Number 3 for left falling (丿)
Number 4 for right falling(ㄟ)

4. Handwriting input in mobile phone

Recently the technology has been developed again and again. If you don’t know pinyin very well and you think type by stokes is very troublesome in mobile phone, you can write on screen directly by fingers. Only need write the similar stroke, there will be many words for selecting the right word which you want. I think it’s the best choice for some aged person.

At last, I would like to introduce a very good input software for those who type Chinese characters by “wubi”, it’s “万能五笔”(wàn néng wǔ bǐ) , "万能" means omnipotent.

The most convenient is if we meet some difficult words with strange strokes and we forget how to type, then we can type pinyin. It still can be recognized. For example the word “度”
 how to input chinese using wubi
I can type pinyin “du”, the right word will be there and it tells how to type in “wubi” input.

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