How to Write your Name in Chinese
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how to write my name in chinese

What is your name? This is the first question when we meet someone for the first time. Learning to introduce yourself in Chinese is an important first step to learning Chinese. If you know how to write your name in Chinese, it would be even better.

Many common foreign names have a corresponding translation in Chinese. We can choose the Chinese pronunciation which is usually quite similar to the original one. For example, if your name is "MARY", you want the authentic Chinese name for this, how could you say it? The Chinese translation for MARY is "mǎ lì" which is with the third and the last tone in Chinese. Of course, this is only written in Pinyin, the Chinese pronunciation. If we use Chinese characters to write this, that is, "玛丽" As another example, if your name is "JACK", then in Chinese pinyin, we translate this and to read it as "jié kè" with the second and the last tone, while the Chinese character is "杰克". Of course, corresponding to one phonetic can have a lot of characters. After all, there are so many Chinese characters. One character even has three pronunciations in pinyin. If you know the Chinese characters very well, you can select the corresponding one by yourself, and you can carry out the corresponding name translation what you want to.

Of course, if you're the beginner who just started to learn Chinese, and you want to write your name in Chinese, then learn to how to use Pinyin to describle your name, which is better for you. Since for the beginner, Pinyin is relatively simple. You have to learn the spelling rules in Chinese language. Of course, when you have already started to learn Chinese, then you will come across many daily Chinese names which are corresponding to the original foreign names step by step. If your name is common, perhaps you can meet your name directly when you are reading the Chinese text. If you already knew the Chinese well, you can according to the character meaning what you like, to select the corresponding characters, or pronunciation. If you can write it in Chinese character, that is the best way. Because when the others see you name writing in Chinese characters, the meaning to your name, they can have a general understanding. For example, "Mary" in Chinese characters writing is 玛丽, in fact, means "beautiful, charming", etc. "Jack", in Chinese we call 杰克. For this one, means "outstanding" meaning. Giving the name with the good meaning is the point which is the Chinese people pay attention to. So you can imagine that if you learn to recognize the characters and be able to write out a lot of characters, it will be very useful, because everybody wants to have a good name with good meaning. Check here to know more about courses for learning Chinese character.

Lastly, if you want to give yourself a Chinese name. If you already not only knew some Chinese characters, but also knew the meaning, then that is not difficult. The important one is writing the characters according to the basic Chinese writing rules, such as the horizontal comes before vertical one, from top to bottom, etc. These rules will help you do more with less effort.

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