Numbers in Chinese Characters
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Numbers in Chinese chracters

Learn how to count numbers in Chinese is very necessary for living in China. Although the whole world is using the Arabic numerals, you still need to learn how to read them in Chinese, and how to write them in Chinese characters.

1. Number’s Chart in Chinese Character (from 0 to 10)

NumberChinese characterPinyinEnglish
0línɡ zero
2èr two
 liù six
 jiǔ nine
10  shí ten

Pay attention to number 1 and number 2, the pronunciation of these two numbers are a bit special in Chinese, when 1 exits in tel-phone numbers or address numbers, we prefer to say "yāo" instead of "", number 2 is a bit complicated, when we do the count, the number 2 is always read as "èr", when it occurs with a measure word following such as "bēi杯", "ge个", the number 2 should be read as "liǎng 两", for example," two cups of coffee" in English is "liǎng bēi kā fēi 两杯咖啡" in Chinese.

2. Count numbers from 1 to 99 in Chinese

Also, numbers from 11-99 are extremely easier than those in English, you don't need to memorize new word, just combine these 10 numbers. For example, eleven is ten plus one, so in Chinese, we use "十一shí yī" to express eleven,twenty is two 10,so "èr shí" is twenty. I'm sure now you know all other numbers in Chinese from 0-99,they are: 零(línɡ),一(yī),二(èr),三(sān),四(sì),五(wǔ),六(liù),七(qī),八(bā),九(jiǔ),十(shí),十(shí)一(yī),十(shí)二(èr),十(shí)三(sān),十(shí)四(sì),十(shí)五(wǔ),十(shí)六(liù),十(shí)七(qī),十(shí)八(bā),十(shí)九(jiǔ),二(èr)十(shí),二(èr)十(shí)一(yī),二(èr)十(shí)二(èr),……九(jiǔ)十(shí)八(bā),九(jiǔ)十(shí)九(jiǔ)。

3. Ordinal numbers in Chinese

Chinese characterPinyinEnglish
第一dì yī First
第二dì èr Second
第三dì sānThird
第四dì sì Fourth
第五dì wǔ Fifth
第六dì liù Sixth
第七dì qī Seventh
第八dì bā Eighth
第九dì jiǔ Ninth
第十dì shí Tenth

4. Big numbers in Chinese

NumberChinese characterPinyinEnglish
100一百yì bǎi One hundred
1000      一千yì qiān One thousand
10,000一万yí wàn Ten thousand
100,000十万shí wàn A hundred thousand
1,000,000 一百万yì bǎi wàn One million
10,000,000  一千万yì qiān wàn Ten million
100,000,000  一亿yí yì One hundred million
1,000,000,000  十亿shí yì One billion

5. Watch the Video Tutorial about Chinnese Numbers, counting 1-99 in Chinese Mandarin.

Above are the basic Chinese character about numbers. If you want to learn more, book a free trial class here!

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