Ancient Chinese Clothing
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Every nation has its own traditional clothing. Traditional clothes represent the culture of the country. China has not only fifty-six ethnic groups, but also has a variety of clothing, which reflecting the rich and colorful Chinese culture.

Speaking of China's traditional clothing, we must first think of the Chinese cheongsam,there is another name Qipao. The Chinese cheongsam is very beautiful traditional Chinese clothing, in particular, can be very beautiful to show a woman's body.

ancient Chinese clothing

The origin of Cheongsam’s name is very historical. The Qing Dynasty is the last feudal dynasty in Chinese history, emperors of the Qing Dynasty also known as the Manchu, the Qing dynasty women's hairstyle is called Qitou, clothes also called Qizhuang, and now the cheongsam looks pretty like Qizhuang.

Now, more and more Chinese people like the Chinese dress, feel that the cheongsam shows the beauty of Chinese woman. Until 2014 the APEC meeting, China has chosen the dress as the leading lady of the country's clothing.

Because the traditional Chinese dress is very picky, we must build a good talent wearing good-looking, so it is not popular. Now the style of the dress has changed, there are many kinds, in the style is also more varied, adapted to the different age, different dress style of the people.

For example, some Chinese dress is very long, some of the Chinese dress is very short; some of the collar is very high, and some have no collar. Some on both sides of the bifurcation, and some do not fork.

Because the cheongsam has already adapted to the requirements of more and more people, so today's young people will also choose to wear Qipao in wedding to toast to the friends and relatives.

Now, more and more foreign girls are also very fond of Chinese dress, they even choose to make a dress, because if you want the most traditional and most beautiful dress, you need to customized, of course, the price will be a little more expensive.

Chinese dress becomes popular in European countries

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