AP Chinese Vocabulary
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AP, it means Advanced Placement. It is provided by The College Board and used in high school. America high school student can take it as an elective course. The marks you get in AP test which can earning college credits. Normally it should take thousands of dollars to take a course at the university, but take an AP test only need $82. So it is not only can present the student's assets and capabilities, but also it is a good way to save money. That’s why now AP course are more and more popular in school. Today we are going to talk about the vocabulary for the AP Chinese.

AP Chinese vocabulary

No matter which language, the vocabulary always is the most essential and fundamental part. To get enough vocabulary and know how to apply it in real world is a bottom line for students who are learning Chinese language. In general amounts of vocabularies and phrases helping a learner to get better reading and clear listening comprehension. When a learner faced the unknown words guessing the meaning of that vocabularies according to the context of it help a learner to faster improve leaner`s listening and reading comprehension. Knowing how to use various meaning of the words and phrasing push up a learner`s ability for becoming master in Chinese.

For doing effective and more efficient expressing ideas and integrating a learner should gain a cluster of various vocabularies, phrases and grammar structures but also being good at using them in the social life, study and wherever he or she is. Gaining cluster of vocabularies, phrases and especially idioms are fundamental for no only speaking and reading but also very crucial and usual for speaking part as well.

Online reading such as reading articles or news of quiet known websites is a better way to increase vocabulary. Following websites are very useful for a Chinese learner for online reading.

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There are few helpful tips for learners while studying vocabularies and phrases.

1. Leaning vocabulary not alone but with conjunction like stories or images.

2.Try to utilize newly studied words as soon as possible, remember learning vocabulary and using it in real life relies on more and more proactive just after studied them.

3. Words have various meaning based on the context in this kind of situation learners don’t be upset about this, try to accept word get various meaning and learn it quickly.

4. Reading is the super and inextricable part for increasing vocabularies and better understand the meaning of words, the more you read the more you gain vocabularies with various meanings.

If you want to study Chinese vocabulary deeply and be master in it you must have to study Chinese idioms and they are much related with Chinese culture. Idioms can express bigger ideas with its small size like couple if words. We have put some important and common idioms below. Learners can practice them and using them in there writing essay.

1. huàndéhuànshī 患得患失 : (Be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.)


2. zhīzúchánɡlè 知足常乐 : (Happiness consists in contentment.)

他这个人知足常乐, 从不计较得失。

3. duìniú tánqín 对牛弹琴 : (Play the harp to a cow.)


4. huàshétiānzú 画蛇添足 :(Paint the lily.)


5. shùnshǒu qiānyánɡ 顺手牵羊 :(Pick up sth . on the sly.)


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