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There are a lot of language books on the market. It’s not easy for a student to choose a suitable book for learning a language. Today i will recommend a very useful grammar books for learning Chinese. Sometimes in life, it’s not everyone can have a teacher when you are studying, so a good book is the beginning of success.

As we know grammar is the framework of a language. Once you know how to understand and use the grammar of a language, you just need to accumulate the vocabulary and put the word with the right grammar structure, then you can master this language very well.

<<外国人实用汉语语法>>: The English name is A Practical Chinese Grammar for Foreigners. This book already had 20 years history. At the same time, it is also constantly revised in accordance with the needs of the learners in improving constantly in order to better help everyone to learn Mandarin grammar and understand Chinese better.


There are 10 chapters in this book.

Chapter 1 is an introduction. It is summarized the characteristics of Chinese as a whole, and also the composition of Chinese sentence. There is English transliteration for each introduction. It’s very convenient for every foreigner to understand this book very well.

Chapter 2 is the parts of speech: there are 13 different parts of speech in Chinese. Each of them has the different function and position in the sentence. This book introduced the features of each different word very detailed. And also the relationships between with the elements of a sentence.

Chapter 3 is about the phrases. As we know, the word is the smallest meaningful unit in Chinese, the phrases are combined with words. So the function of the phrases are same with word. It can be a part of sentence. Some of them also can be a sentence alone. In this Chapter, it introduced the types and classification of phrases.

Chapter 4 is about the sentence elements. There are 6 elements in Chinese sentence. They are subject, predicate, object, attributive, adverbial adjuncts and complements. Each of them has a fixed position. The most difficult thing is sometimes the same word can be the different elements in a sentence. So if you really want to master the standard Chinese, you must understand each of them.

Chapter 5 is about the simple sentence. After you master each of sentence elements. Then try to analyze some simple sentence.

Chapter 6,7,8,9 is about the usage of some different special sentence pattern. Like the aspects of an action, some special verbal predicates, the ways of expressing comparison and emphasis.

Chapter 10 is to make the complex sentence.

As we see all above chapters, the overall arrangement is very reasonable in this book. Each part of them has an English translation. This series book is also installed with a workbook, each different chapters are equipped with relevant practice. It is very helpful for students to test their mastery of the degree after they finished a Chapter.

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