The Best Chinese Reading Resources Online
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If you want to improve your Chinese reading, you must read as much as you can. There are so many reading resources online, so which one is better? Today, I will introduce the 10 best Chinese reading resources that are available online.

No. 10

Reading Jiandan


Suitable for: Intermediate or advanced

This site includes many interesting articles about science and technology. The style of the articles are humorous and relaxed. You don’t need to actually understand every single one of the articles; just get their general idea. You can also leave your comments in the comment zone and discuss with other readers. You can improve your Chinese reading with ease through this site.

No. 9

Reading Haodu


Suitable for: Advanced

This website contains a large amount of traditional Chinese e-books. Most of them are famous Chinese classical novels. You could read them online or download them to your computer. My suggestion is to download them because the online text style might be illegal and it is hard to read. Downloading it can help you read it better.

No. 8

Chinese daily reading

Chinese Daily Reading:

Suitable for: All Chinese readers

On this site, you can read many short articles about Chinese culture or life. It is easy to understand. You could leave your comment or question in the comment zone.

No. 7

Beginning level reading

Beginning Level:

Suitable for: Beginners, intermediate and advanced

There is a huge number of lessons on this site, with vocabulary, audio, texts, and exercises. All the resources on it are free. You can click the appropriate links in the top navigation and choose the correct level for yourself. You should also note that all material can be read only after you download it.

No. 6

The New York Times


Suitable for: Intermediate and advanced

This is the Chinese version of the New York Times. It contains ample reading material about current issues. The articles have both Chinese and English, ad you can choose which version you want to read. I believe it is a good way to practice your Chinese reading skills by reading the Chinese news.

No. 5

Chinese tools

Chinese Tools:

Suitable for: Beginners and Intermediate

On this site, you can learn lots of Chinese idioms or Chengyu. You can also read stories about Chinese idioms, with pinyin and Chinese annotation. It is much easier than other reading material.

No. 4

A Chinese Text Sampler:

Suitable for: Advanced

This website includes a carefully chosen selection of 80 significant Chinese texts for students wishing to develop their reading skills while improving their cultural literacy. It also includes classical and modern Chinese literature, historical documents, song lyrics, children stories, and lists of commonly used characters, idioms, and proverbs.

No. 3

Marco Polo Reading

The marco polo project:

Suitable for: Intermediate

This site is a digital community for reading and translating Chinese. It has a diverse selection of Chinese writing by independent journalists, with bilingual titles and tagging. You can contribute your translation to the articles, and you can also read the bilingual articles which have already been translated by contributors.

No. 2

Just Learn Chinese

Just Learn Chinese:

Suitable for: Beginner and intermediate

Lots of short stories for beginner and intermediate learners are available on this site. Some of the articles have audio and translation versions with word lists. The stories are short and easy to understand. It is really a good resource for Chinese reading.

No. 1

Chinese text project

Chinese Text Project:

Suitable for: Advanced

This site is a web-based e-text system designed to present ancient Chinese texts, especially Chinese philosophy. It is well-structured and makes use of the electronic medium to help learners study and understand the texts. It is a great reading resource!

Pro Tips: Reading Chinese online is useful, however, you may encounter some questions during reading. If you want to improve your reading skills and become more efficient, attending a Chinese reading course is the best way. Act now and book a free trial class here!

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