Chinese Names for Girls
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Generally, a Chinese name is composed of two or three characters, like Li Ling or Li Lingling. The first is the surname followed by the given name.

1. The name should be melodious

The name as it is read it should produce a sweet sound. As the Chinese believe that a poor name will create interference in life because it will make a bad impression on others. So we always take care to the name. Many Chinese like to use reduplicated words for a name, like Huang Lingling, Li Fangfang, Qin Xiaoxiao, etc..

2. Avoid homonyms

Homonyms are words that have the same sound or spelling but have different meanings. So parents need to take care to avoid putting two words together that may create a troublesome meaning. Examples include Wu Limao (rude) and Wei Cong (feeding insects).

3. The Chinese horoscope

Parents often consider the horoscope to name their babies. which corresponds to the baby's birth date to select a name. They will consult the coordination of yin and yang, the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth which considered as five elements composing the world according to the traditional Chinese philosophy) of the baby's birthdate (even the time of birth) to find a good name for baby in believing that this will help to improve the baby's fortune in the future.

Here are some common Chinese names for girls

Chinese Name for Girls

#1. Beautiful

We usually use the name of flower like

  • Juan 娟(rhodora)
  • Lan 兰(orchis)

For example Lin Yuejuan, Liu Lanzhi

or other words to represent the beauty of a girl like:

  • Ting 婷(slim)
  • Wan 婉(gentle)
  • Li 丽( beautiful)
  • Jing 静(beautiful)

For example: Li Tingting, Wang Lili, Ning Jing, Liu Wanshan

#2. Rich and noble

We usually use the name of some treasure like:

  • Jin 金 ( gold)
  • Yu 玉(jade)
  • Zhu 珠(pearl)
  • Bao 宝(treasure)
  • Pei 佩(jade)

For example: Wang Peishan 王佩珊, Huang Wanyu 黄婉玉, Zhou Yuzhu 周玉珠, Zhou Yuqin 周玉清.

#3. Intelligent and learned

  • Ying 赢(clever)
  • Ling 林(bright)
  • Rui 瑞(intelligent)
  • Shu 书(book)
  • Wen 文(literature)
  • Hui 慧(intelligent)

For example: Huang Huiqiong, Han Ruiying, Li Lingli, Liu Wenwen, Liu Ahui.

#4. Ethics

  • Zhen 贞(Chastity)
  • Shu 淑(Virtuous)
  • Shan 善(Kind-hearted)
  • Jie 洁(tidy)
  • Qin 勤(hard-working)

For example: Li Shuzhen 李淑珍, Li Shanxian 李珊贤, Li Wanjie 李万洁, Li Qinqin 李勤勤

#5. Gentle and quiet

  • An 安(quiet)
  • Ning 宁(quiet)
  • Jing 静(quiet)
  • Ping 平(quiet)
  • Meng 梦(dream)

For example: Wang Mengying 王梦莹, Huang Anjing 黄安静, Zhou Jingyi 周静怡, Li Pingzhi 李平之

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