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One of the easiest ways to meet people and have them feel comfortable quickly is to speak Chinese jokes. However, humor is hard enough if it's not one's native language. How can you learn popular jokes or pop culture in Chinese?

Here are some suggestions to help you become funny in Chinese:

After you improve your Chinese, you can read Chinese books, magazines, and newspapers. Many feature jokes, newly fashionable words and sentences on. If you don't know the meaning, you can ask a Chinese friend to explain. Reading is a great way to really learn the language.

1. Chinese Movies

Movies are a great way to improve your Chinese. There are many funny Chinese movies included.

robin b hood

  1. ROB-B-HOOD 宝贝计划
  2. If you are the one 非诚勿扰
  3. The Eagle Shooting Heroes 东成西就
  4. The Happy Ghost 开心鬼
  5. Aces Go Places 最佳拍档

You can learn many funny lines and words from these movies.

2. Searching on the Internet

There are also many fashionable words on the social network sites like Weibo, WeChat and QQ. Take a few minutes to skim these websites or your social media feeds to collect a few new words.

Here are a few recently popular phrases for you to learn and practice. Good luck!

Expressing "Happy"

When you feel happy, you can say "I'm happy", how about other funny ways? You can say:

"wǒ xīngfèn de shuì bù zháo jiào" 我兴奋得睡不着觉(I'm too excited to sleep)

"wǒ gāo xìng jí le" 我高兴极了 (I'm wild with joy)

"wǒ zhòng tóu cǎi le "我中头彩了 (I'm excited like I won the jackpot)

"wǒ gǎn dào piāo piāo yù xiān"(I'm walking on air)

Expressing "Sad"

"wǒ yào bēng kùi le". 我要崩溃了 (I will collapse)

"zhēn yù mēn " 真郁闷 (Feeling depressed)

"shā le wǒ ba" 杀了我吧 (Kill me)

Expressing "Angry"

"bié rě wǒ" 别惹我(Do not provoke me)

"wǒ men liáo liao ba" 我们聊聊吧 (Let's talk)

"wǒ zhè bào pí qì" 我这暴脾气(My bad temper)

Other funny Chinese Expression

---"zhōng wǔ chī de shén me? "中午吃得什么? (what do you eat at noon)

---"chī fàn diàn" 吃饭店(Eat restaurant)

It means that eating at restaurant, but people say directly "eat restaurant".

There are many similar funny Chinese expressions, and try to remember, together with some funny Chinese jokes, you'll be humourous in Chinese way.

Mostly, Internet is where the newest Chinese expressions are shaped. How to sound funny and cool in Chinese? Learning some popular Chinese Internet Slang is indispensable.

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