Top 6 YouTube Channels for Learning Chinese
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Chinese language learning couldn't just rely on books, it rely more on the demonstration of action and word. Unfortunately, not everyone has a chance to learn Chinese in China or has the time to attend class in school. But luckily, the YouTube can fill most part of the gap. However, you can find thousands of videos on YouTube yet the quality of teaching is uneven that you don't know which you should watch. If you want to learn Chinese on YouTube but you find it hard to find them out on your own, please read on!

Below are the top 10 YouTube channels for Chinese learners may want to check out regularly:

1. Hanbridge Mandarin on YouTube

Hanbridge Mandarin YouTube channel was created by the Hanbridge Mandarin's teacher team. This channel provides you with great content for learning Mandarin Chinese. You can find the video lessons cover a wide range of subjects and they are totally free.

Like I was saying above, the quality of videos on YouTube vary greatly that it mixed with a number of non-standard tutorials. Some of the so-called teachers on YouTube don't have standard pronunciation and have no experience in teaching, if you learn Chinese with them, you would take a long time to get started, and even worse, the Chinese you have learnt may be very incorrect! That's why Hanbrige Mandarin Channel is highly recommended. All the teachers in Hanbridge Mandarin are native Chinese and they are all obtained a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in TCFL(Teach Chinese As Foreign Language), thus they are very professional and experienced in this field. The teacher's pronunciation is unchallengeable. Moreover, they know what you need, how to guide you learn Chinese in a fast, fun way, and share a lot of practical Chinese learning tricks through videos.

2. HSK Test Preparation and Practice

HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì) is the best way for Chinese learners to test their Chinese level, It also could be one of the important requirements for the foreigners who want to work in Chinese company. It needs a considerable effort to pass the exam successfully, especially the HSK level 3 and higher.

Prepare HSK test on HSK Preparation and Practice channel is a good way. Chinese teacher Shasha has recorded a series of videos according to different HSK levels. She will tell you the types of question in HSK test and teach you the best strategies for answering test professionally.

BTW, Shasha is a Chinese teacher with 8 years' experience, and she is very good at HSK Prep teaching.

3. Yangyang Cheng

Actually, Yangyang Cheng was initially a hostess live in the United States and she turned to teaching Chinese online later. On the basis of previous host experience, Yangyang makes her Chinese lesson very interactive and lively. The video on her YouTube channel covering a wide range including the basic of Chinese, grammar, pinyin and some television shows.

She never attended the professional training in Chinese teaching, and she relies almost entirely on the self-research to form the unique teaching style.

4. ChinesePodTV

ChinesePod company sales a large number of Chinese learning video tutorials that their video quality is high on YouTube. The teacher Fiona is a mongrel, mixed British and Taiwanese, she both fluent in Chinese and English.

Fiona teaches you basic Chinese expressions in life, Chinese idioms and Chinese culture in an interesting way. However, for the next level studying, you have to purchase.

5. Learn Cantonese with

As a beginner, you maybe encounter such question: what dialect to learn? Should I learn Mandarin or Cantonese? We don't mean to discuss this problem here, but given that a small percentage of people like to learn Cantonese, it's necessary to introduce a YouTube channel for Cantonese learning.

CantoneeClass101 YouTube channel share several video series like the playlist of Cantonese lesson in 3 minutes would teach you some basic Cantonese such as apologies, numbers, greeting which are practical, and the playlist of Hong Kong Holidays much appeal to those who are interested in Chinese culture. The Cantonese teacher is very patient and sweet-tempered which is able to move you to learn Cantonese calmly.

6. Learn Chinese Now

The YouTube channels recommended above are all offered by Chinese people, if you wonder how the experience of learning Chinese with a foreigner is, then, please turn on the Learn Chinese Now channel.

Ban, a foreigner who are fluent in Mandarin, making Chinese learning funny through various kinds TV shows and there always would be a Chinese girl or boy played up to him. He teaches Chinese for travel, business, dates as well as idioms.

The top 6 YouTube Chinese learning channels introduced here are a good place to start, but the bad thing is that you're in a passive position when just learn Chinese through videos since the Chinese language learning content is limited on YouTube. If you want to learn more, switch to learn Chinese online with live teacher in virtual classroom would be a good choice!

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