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At present, the number of people learning Chinese nearly thirty million in the world. Chinese has attracted people of different skin color from all over the world into learning Chinese boom. These learners have a plenty of overseas students, business people, housewife and also some foreign kids who live in China. Can speak Chinese is more and more important in the present era. Every day there are lots of people just come to China for studying Chinese. Here are 3 tips for beginners to speak Chinese well.

1. You have to know the composition of Chinese

Chinese is composed of two parts: Phoneticize (pīnyīn) and Character(hàn zì). Each part has a different function. We use pinyin to pronounce and listen. The character used in written and read. To this point maybe someone will ask “why?”

Here is the answer: It is generally known that Chinese characters have five thousand years history. It is one of the three oldest character systems in the world. Its invention represents the wisdom of the Chinese nation. It is the pride of all Chinese and is the best gift from our ancestors. Chinese will continue to pass down from generation to generation.

Let’s see “pīnyīn”: Chinese pīnyīn is a kind of auxiliary pronunciation tool. As we know, China is a big country. There are a lot of dialects here. People talk the same thing with a different pronunciation. If without an official language to unify the pronunciation, it will be hard for China to develop. The invention of the pinyin is in 1958. It is a tool for Chinese to study characters and unity pronunciation, even for foreigner study Chinese. But pīnyīn is not to replace Chinese characters, it is a help to Chinese characters. So both of them are important to Chinese.

2. Choose a suitable textbook for the foundation to learn Chinese

There are a lot of textbooks for studying Chinese. But it is hard for a beginner to choose a suitable one by himself. There is a book very popular in the area of teaching Chinese as a foreign language.
我们 的 汉语 教室

There are 3 books for a primary. Altogether, 30 scenarios were designed. Like: greetings, introduction, buy something, order food, take a taxi and so on. There are more than 1,000 new words and 200 grammar points in these books. It will be a very good choice for beginners.

3. Choose a good Chinese teacher

Choose a good Chinese teacher would be the first step to success. The teacher’s explanation will make your growth fast. In the beginning, learning correct pronunciation is the most important factor in speaking good Chinese in future. If you got the wrong pronunciation, it will be very hard to change. Maybe you have to pay 1 or 2 times effort to amend. And always speak Chinese like a foreigner. So please practice the standard one with a good teacher. She/he can help you speak Mandarin very fast and standard. Do you want to learn Chinese with the best Chinese teachers now? Register and book a free trial class now!

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