The Best Website to Learn Chinese Online
Posted by Julia Song on 2015-11-24 16:55:30 2069

Here I gathered five of the best websites for learning Mandarin. If you are going to learn Chinese online, these will be very helpful for you.

1. Chinese.stackexchange

Suitable for intermediate learners

This site is a learning forum where you can post your Chinese learning questions and wait for a Chinese native speaker or Chinese teacher to answer. There are tags on the top of the site, such as translation, grammar, vocabulary and so on to make it easy to post your questions.

2. Youtube

Suitable for all learners of Mandarin

There are scores of Chinese learning videos on this site, where you can search by topic and learn Chinese via videos. Some of the video hosts are professional Chinese teachers, and the videos use lots of visuals on specific subjects. If you are going to improve your Chinese speaking or Chinese listening, learning on YouTube is a good choice.

3. Facebook Chinese Learning Page

Suitable for: All Chinese learners

If you want to learn Chinese at odd moments, then the Facebook Chinese learning page is a good choice. There are a number of categories, such as business Chinese, learn Chinese characters and so on. Usually, the page administrator will post some interesting learning cards or articles that you can share it or mark to come back to and learn Chinese at your leisure time.

4. CCTV News

Suitable for: advanced Chinese learners

This is a Chinese news site and provides reports on events across the country. Suitable for advanced learners, regular surfing the site will help you to improve your reading skill.

5. Hacking Chinese

Suitbale for: all Chinese learners

If you have some learning problems or you want to get some Chinese learning tips, you can go to this site. Except for articles about learning tips, you can also find the useful Chinese learning resource list.

Get to know more Chinese learning resource here: Top Recommended Websites to Learn Chinese Online for Free.

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