Top Recommended Websites to Learn Chinese Online for Free
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The internet is a powerful resource for you to learn nearly anything for free. There are also many websites for you to learn Chinese online for free.

Below is a roundup of the recommended free online Chinese learning websites. You could learn Mandarin very effectively for free with these resources.

1. Learn Chinese Characters

free Chinese learning websites


Skritter is the most recommended tool to practice your Chinese character writing online, which gives you immediate stroke-level feedback and helps you to review hard characters more often.

Only free for first week, and then you must pay $14.99/month, $99.99/year

Chinese Etymology

Chinese Etymology

The website features on a character's revelation. You mat just type in a Chinese character in the blank on the left, you would find its origin along with lots of pictograms. is another free online Chinese learning website. There are a hierarchical ordering of characters based on their composition.


Lang-8 is a very useful if you would like to practice your Chinese writing. You can write materials in Chinese, and get feedback from native speakers and other learners of the same language.

Note: You may need to switch your keyboard to Chinese temporarily.

Learn Chinese Everyday

Learn Chinese Everyday is a free website teaching you one Chinese word everyday. By learning it's meaning, pronunciation, common words/phrases, and sentences, you There are example words, phrases and sentences available.

If you're interested in reading and writing Chinese characters, there's no better place to get started than, follow the stroke order demonstration and learn to write characters effectively.

2. Learn Chinese with Audio

Popup Chinese

Popup Chinese is recommended by all four major Chinese immersion programs in Beijing. It offers podcasts and tools for learning Mandarin Chinese.

You can easily create a free account to check the entire archive, which doesn't only contain podcasts in mp3 format but also mobile apps, HSK tests and other study tools.

Chinese Podcasts

You'll find a long list of podcasts released by Chinese native speakers. Even if those podcasts don't focus on Chinese learning, they may be useful to the most advanced students.


Yep!Chinese is a new platform for learning Chinese through podcasts, which is currently completely free. There are three sections available now, Learn, Discover and Explore, which definitely an excellent resource worth a try. is a free website that allows you to learn Chinese with many free audio materials. This website list more than 200 basic words and phrases with Chinese translation, the arrangement is in order. his website has nothing but a list of words and phrases, translated to Chinese. The words and phrases are arranged in a manner which makes learning Chinese absolutely easy.


The website has free access to Chinese audio lessons, which are based on dialogues in real-life situations. This is a start-up site, so I think they are trying to update more lessons to use. The best thing I like about iChinesepodcast is that all lessons are free.

Other podcast lessons include popup Chinese, Chineseclass101, they are also good, but you may buy their online audio lessons to continue.

If you are a beginner, learn free videos on YouTube is also recommended.

3. Learn Chinese with Video

CCTV Learn Chinese

The site offers free but cool Mandarin video lessons on CCTV. The courses are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced Chinese learners. The recommended sections are "Survival Chinese" and "Happy Chinese" series videos. However, it's no longer updated.

4. Learn Chinese Grammar

Chinese Grammar Wiki

Chinese Grammar Wiki is released by AllsetLearning, which provides free practical, but comprehensive online resource for Chinese grammar. It can be concluded as a mini-Wikipedia devoted entirely to Chinese grammar.

Chinese Grammar

This site introduces you each grammar point with sentence structures and examples. Highly recommended.

Chinese Boost Grammar

Chinese Boost Grammar teaches Mandarin Chinese Grammar with expert explanations and high-quality Chinese example sentences, you can easily improve your Chinese regardless you are a beginner or advanced Chinese learner.

Introduction to Chinese Grammar

Chinesenotes is another great website introduces essential Chinese grammar with explanations in both Chinese and English.

5. Chinese Learning Tools not only helps you know more about China and Chinese culture, but also helps you with Chinese language learning. You would find some basic Chinese courses, some useful language tools and some other helpful resources. You can learn Chinese pinyin, slang, calligraphy, and some other Chinese basic knowledge or skills.

Chinese Learning Dictionaries

Pleco – only basic version is free, but the pro version is worth the money. Platform supported: Website, iOS, Android.


Android App, Hanping is the best free dictionary for Android devices


It's a popular free online dictionary

nciku – perhaps the most popular free online dictionary

Jukuu – a database of sentences with part of speech data on words

Wenlin – desktop software (Mac or PC) that uses the acclaimed ABC Dictionary


This is an awesome iOS/Android app similar to Duolingo but with many great tools that really distinguishes itself. The course is well designed and also includes some great features to review and practice, as well as a survival kit which is excellent if you are traveling, or just want to learn useful survival language. Excellent for beginners and even good for intermediate learners.


Memrise an iOS/Android app features on vocabulary training. It's a great tool to review vocabulary, but much more entertaining than typical flashcards.

6. Learn Chinese Culture

BBC – Languages – Real Chinese

There are only ten lessons, but a lot of videos are focus on Chinese culture. Plenty of helpful links, too.

Discover Chinese Culture

This is the cultural webpage of the Confucius Institute (孔子学院). There are many articles and videos on various cultural points such as food, travel, and holidays.

7. Learn Chinese Songs

Learn to Sing Chinese Songs

Listen to Chinese music and learn Chinese with famous Chinese songs. Each song has English and short bio for the singer. It's FREE! Check it out you will be amazed.

Chinese Pop Songs

This website has songs in Chinese, pinyin, and English.Listen to the Mandarin pop songs and learn to sing them.

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