5 Funny Chinese Phrases You Should Like
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China has a long history so there are so many interesting Chinese sayings that mean something different than what they say. Here are a few examples to try on your friends.

1. zǎixiànɡ dùlǐ nénɡ chēnɡchuán
  宰相 肚里 能撑船


It means: a prime minister's mind should be broad enough to paddle a boat; the prime minister's heart is big enough to sail a boat in--broad-minded. When someone does something bad to you,but you are too generous to forgive him, people say you that "你(nǐ)真(zhēn)是(shì)宰(zǎi)相(xiànɡ)肚(dù)里(lǐ)能(nénɡ)撑(chēnɡ)船(chuán)"

2. shòusde luòtuo bǐmǎ dà
  瘦死的 骆驼 比 马 大

It means that: A lean camel is bigger than a horse.It expresses the gap between the rich person and the poor person.Even if the rich one suffers property damage, the rest of his possessions are much greater than the poor one's.

3. yǒu qián nénɡshǐɡuǐtuī mò
  有 钱 能 使 鬼 推 磨


It means that: If you have money, you can make the devil push the millstone for you. It's funny, because we regard the devil as a worker, so the person must be very rich. If you will to pay the money, you can do anything.

4. sài wēnɡ shī mǎ yān zhī fēi fú
   塞 翁 失 马,焉 知 非 福


It means that: Misfortune may be an actual blessing. It tells us, whether it is a blessing or a curse, we need to adjust their own state of mind.We should observe the problem transcending time and space. For a moment, though, may be lost, but it will be good. Also, it refers to a bad thing in a certain condition can be a good thing. The blessing and curse of things can be transformed into each other under certain conditions.

5.ɡǒu ɡǎi bù le chīshǐ
   狗 改 不 了吃屎

It means that: Dogs can't change eating poop. It tells us no matter what happens, people's bad habits can't change. When a person always does a bad thing repeatedly, you can say this sentence.

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